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voluptuously blinking eye (VBI)


VBI is the voluptuously blinking eye of ambientTV.NET that
    scans the media for intervention opportunities
        jams the data party in the ether
            hijacks the network...

            VBI is the vertical blanking interval of the NOS broadcast signal in which the Microtel
        teletext channel inserts artists’ work.

        VBI is a softening of broadcast schedules, a fuzziness at the edge of the screen, a place of
    disturbing slowness in speedy times...

    VBI is a directory of unscheduled broadcasts, a survey of illegal transmissions, an unwarranted
reverse-engineering of the toys that make us tick.

Working in the technical margins of the broadcast spectrum, and giving expression to voices marginalized
by media conglomeration, VBI conducts an aesthetic archaeology of TV and speculates on possible futures
for independent media.

-> watch video documentation online

VBI comprises:

Hosted by Tina Hage, the lounge is a place to meet and relax, to discuss and conspire, to browse the ambient.publishing catalogue, to scrawl your manifesto on the ambient.anti-wall, or simply to have a cup of coffee and daydream... 
[tina's blog] 

Teletext production unit and broadcasting studio by Lektrolab. Paul B. Davis and Emma Davidson will produce and broadcast teletext works, demonstrate the process and assist you in getting your teletext page onto the NOS channel. [link]

Broadbandit Highway (Manu Luksch & Ilze Black)
Hacked Nintendo (Paul B. Davis & Emma Davidson)
London Pirate Radio Scanner (
The Moment of Long Now (Juha Huuskonen)
Unscheduled Television (Rachel Baker)

Presentations / Workshops 
Juha Huuskonen and Rachel Baker will present work as part of the Tea Time Talks programme (GATED_TV, Sunday 29 Jan, 1500). Lektrolab will be running workshops in teletext production and Nintendo hacking in the ambient lounge throughout the festival.

Numerous ambientTV.NET productions will be streamed and broadcast as part of the Exploding Television programme. Check schedules for details.


Rachel Baker
Tina Hage

Manu Luksch

Mukul Patel
Juha Huuskonen
Ilze Black 


The exhibition and laboratory SATELLITE OF LOVE highlights alternatives to what the larger public might consider to be ‘the renewed potential’ of the television medium.

This event takes place during the The 35th International Film Festival Rotterdam 2006, which teamed up with the reputed art institute Witte de With, center for contemporary art, Rotterdam. 


January 25-February 5, 2006; exhibition ongoing until March 26, 2006.
Witte de Withstraat 50, 3012 BR Rotterdam


15 min Quicktime movie