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curatorial projects

As part of its curatorial practice, AIS seeks out and presents works in all media that address contemporary conceptions of progress, in particular the disjuncture between social/ecological and technological advances. We are especially interested in intermedia and process-based work that critically address new regimes of the regulation of space (real and virtual) and the disciplining of the body (visceral and data). 

AIS works with institutions worldwide, within the arts world but also importantly outside it, to present challenging, critical work to a wide audience. 

We welcome invitations and support from institutions and individuals for curatorial projects. 


A|R|C 2010-2012

collaborative artist-in-residence programme in association with the Function Creep project



Beyond Surveillance. 2010/11.

Artistic strategies against video surveillance. A programme of short videos curated by Manu Luksch. Produced by videoclub, Brighton. Featuring works by Paola Barreto, Michelle Teran, The Bureau of Inverse Technology, Caspar Below, U.R.A.Filoart, Yangachi and David Valentine.

programme outline

commissioned by videoclub, presented at Lighthouse, Brighton; 4th Biannual Surveillance and Society Conference, City University London, and otehrs. available for touring.


Movana Chen at AiR 2008 catalogue

Residency artists produce work in any medium addressing the studio’s unique, spectacular aspect over London. The programme commenced with Wolfgang Staehle (New York/Berlin) and Tuomas Toivonen (Helsinki), and featured philosopher and performance poet Fahim Amir (Vienna) and Shiho Fukuhara (Tokyo).


First Thursdays 2008

Monthly exhibitions and screenings, featuring works by Melanie Gilligan, Petit Mal, Antifamily, Manu Luksch and Mukul Patel .


ambient.lounge Tokyo 2006


voluptuously blinking eye (VBI) Rotterdam 2006

The exhibition and laboratory SATELLITE OF LOVE highlights alternatives to what the larger public might consider to be ‘the renewed potential’ of the television medium. This event takes place during the The 35th International Film Festival Rotterdam, which teamed up with Witte de With center for contemporary art, Rotterdam for the exhibition "Satellite of Love" (To 26 March, 2006).

commissioned artists: 
Lektrolab (Emma Davidson & Paul B. Davis): Microtel
Rachel Baker: Unscheduled TV
Tina Hage ambient.lounge hostess

featured artists: Heath Bunting, Ilze Black, Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel, Juha Huuskonen

  video documentation online

Urban Road Movies, for: Video As Urban Condition. 2004


Channel 26 London 2001

video programme for a TV channel at the Great Eastern Hotel, including works by Franko B, Shu Lea Cheang, F5, Bureau of Inverse Technology, Andree Korpys and Markus Löffler, Chapman Brothers, Derek Ogbourne, Motoko Ohinata, Richard Wright. Programmed by Ilze Black & Manu Luksch as part of the please disdurb me! show