[I wish I had invented sex]
The CD ROM 'to be continued'was produced by Manu. Luksch and Michael Welz, founders of METIS multimedia, in order to demonstrate the possibilities of CD ROM not only as a publishing medium but also as a new medium for artistic expression. All the students of the Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien were invited by METIS to contribute their work, and 77 of them participated, some taking the chance to design CD ROM specific work at the time when this technology was quite young. The CD ROM served as interactive catalogue as well as 'digital simultanious exhibition'. It was presented in the Gallery of the Akademie der bildenden Künste in June 95.
'I wish I had invented sex' is an essay told purely by quotations, as assumingly a quotation delivers a high density of meaning with relatively few words. Therefore, if one quotation is put after the other that could be the way to create 'the most intense text'. There are two loop-endings: Bardot's phrase 'I wish...' and ...
     just download sex.exe (788 KB) to your PC harddisk and open it in the Director Projector.