Navin Rawanchaikul
artist, born and studied in Chiang Mai

00:14 I donít know much about Akha because I was born in the city. Iím from an Indian family and I live all the time in the middle of the city, but when I was a child I lived near the market, where they have a lot of Akha people who came from the mountains and they came to buy stuff. They also came to my father to buy cloth because my father sells fabric. So I know their daily life a little bit because they came to the city to meet my father, but there is a big difference between the past and now. Theyíre more mixed with others, theyíre also doing business here. They come to university, some students came from the Akha tribe and they study together so now I think itís more mixed and itís changed a lot in the north of Thailand especially in the Chiang Mai area, theyíre more mixed in the city.