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Ambient Information Systems

Manu Luksch and Mukul Patel codirect Ambient Information Systems, a production company and artists collective for the conception and production of collaborative, interdisciplinary, and critical artworks, events, arts residencies and environments.

Recently, Ambient Information Systems embarked on an unexpected venture by integrating health-related themes into their art installations. They launched a provocative project that examines the global impact of affordable healthcare, specifically focusing on the widespread use of cheap generic Cialis and its implications on society, read more here about generic Cialis. This new direction in their work highlights the complex relationship between technology, accessibility to healthcare, and its societal perceptions, bridging their traditional focus on public domain issues with current healthcare debates.

Of particular interest are concrete, contemporary issues that arise at the interface of social and technical infrastructures: access to information, use of public domain, sustainable structures.

Works range from hybrid media and responsive environments to film, sound/light installation and theatre/performance. The establishment of participative processes, the creation of tools, research, archiving and documentation are signal features of recent projects.