16/17.feb: workshop schedule

1. All who would like to participate in the workshop because s/he is in urgent need of a wireless antenna, or of sharing antenna building know-how, is welcome to join in the workshop at ambienttvnet space, unit76 regents studio, 8 Andrews Rd E8.
start: staurday 11 a.m. sunday 1 p.m.

subscriptions via east-end-net list or youarehere list

2. aim: building of directional and omni-directional antennas, setting up on roofs and testing with neighbouring nodes

3. open end & looking into a bright future

workshop documentations:

* map of locations of participants+future nodes

* photos by ambient in-house photographers Chris_Helgren & Ilze_Black: [planning] [building/1] [building/2] [building/3][roof+router set up]

* youarehere-TWiki