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David Muth

David's approach to making things combines the conceptual and the experimental and is informed by his background in music and architecture.
He works in the fields of music, imagery and novel forms of computer usage and collaborates with various art collectives.

:: 2003
Tryptichon, a digital performance environment assisted by GPS technology, created in collaboration with Manu Luksch and Mukul Patel under the umbrella of ambient TV.NET, and premiered at the DMZ festival, London

showing photographic work at the launch exhibition of Photodebut, London delegate at NIME03 (New Interfaces of Musical Expression), Montreal, Canada visuals at Cybersonica, London, in collaboration with Axel Stockburger (D-Fuse) composing and recording music in collaboration with Berit Immig, Berlin, Germany

:: 2000-2003
designing, programming and conceptual work for London based art group and new media agency Soda

Soda awards:
Sodaplay wins the Interactive Arts award in the 2001 BAFTA (British Academey of Film and Television Arts) Interactive Entertainment ceremony in London

recent Soda exhibitions:
Sonar, Barcelona, Spain (2003)
Sato Museum, Tokyo (2003)
Digifest at the Design Exchange, Toronto, Canada (2002)
Austin Museum of Digital Art (AMODA), Texas, USA (2002)
Tirana Biennale, Albania (2001)
Great Expectations exhibition in Grand Central Station, New York (2001)
Sonar, Barcelona, Spain (2001)

:: 2001-2003
lecturer at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication on the MA in Interactive Digital Media, teaching the module 'Generative Design'

:: 2001
audio - visual performance in collaboration with MEGO act GcttCatt at the Montreal based FCMM film festival

touring through the UK as part of of London based band Karamasov / album release on Satellite Records

:: 1995-2000
work as a musician, photographer, designer, developer, installation and video artist / London

:: 1991-1995
making music and studying architecture in Vienna / Austria


Mukul is in-house sound artist at ambientTV.NET, where he collaborates across media including film, live performance and the internet. His work is concerned as much with the transmission of sound as its creation; informed by a background in science and Indian music, it plays along the borders between music and noise, rule-bound forms and chance, and technology and tradition.


Manu Luksch

Manu, is a filmmaker who works outside the frame. As practitioner and theorist in interdisciplinary media arts, Manu Luksch was artistic director of the Munich Media Lab (1995-97). In 1998, she co-founded Art Servers Unlimited, the first conference to focus on the creation of independent internet servers as both an arena, and form, of innovative net-based art. In 1999, she founded ambientTV.NET, a crucible for independent, interdisciplinary projects ranging in form from installation through documentary, dance, and theatre, to sound and video composition and live manipulation.

While exploring narrative formats which push the notion of documentary, such as the online road movie Broadbandit Highway (based on traffic surveillance cam streams), and Virtual Borders (a community film and internet-radio project that spanned five South-East Asian countries), Manu has also been elaborating collaborative, cross- platform performance/ projection pieces that draw together distant geographical and disciplinary spaces. Other recent productions include The Spy School (shown in Tel Aviv/VideoZone Festival, Hull/Speechless, Tallinn/Academy of Fine Arts, amongst other) a series of process-focussed explorations of surveillance and privacy; AV Dinners, a multi-sensory live and streaming gastronomic event, Stealth Waltz, an online sound project making us of encryption softwares (Ars Electronica) and faceless, a thriller filmed by CCTV cameras in public space in London (Tirana/onufri contemporary art show 2003).