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 Location awareness / GP(R)S

Amsterdam Realtime
Uses phone-enabled PDA, using GPRS, GPS, KeyWorX software to draw realtime paths of moving users onto a city map.
Esther Polak
Project URL: (Marc Tuters, Ben Russel & others)
Project URL:
Compaq iPAQ equipped with a 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless internet card, and a Garmin GPS device

Sound / Ringing Tones

Ringing tomes symphony
Golan Levin
Project URL: Informal Catalogue of Mobile Phone Performances, Installations and Artworks
Collection of ringing tome symphony projects
Project URL:
artists create provocative ring tones for use on Nokia
project URL:
commissioned artists: Nick Crowe, Lucy Kimbell, Thomson & Craighead, the-phone-book Limited

Text / SMS

The Phone
Ultra-short fiction for wireless
(Ben Jones, Fee Plumley)
Project URL:

(Rachel Baker)
sms texting on an Eurostar train as link to the outside world

Picture / Video

‘linked image’ a new methodology of networked image creation
(Rieko Nakamura, Toshihiro Anzai)
project URL:

animated gif art for mobile phones
(Ben Jones, Fee Plumley) mobile home

mobile phone picture logs online
Mobile Home presents projects that explore the emotional and relational effects of mobility. New forms of communication that revive and even enhance physical and tactile experience and an awareness of place and location.

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