dance / sound / video performance within a live locative media environment, shown at pixelACHE festival, Kiasma Theatre Helsinki. (04/04/04)

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participatory installation set up at DMZ Festival London (11/03)

One roamer at a time left the building by bicycle with the PDA and GPS. The route was drawn live on the screen using OpenGL commands in Jitter to connect the discrete position fixes that were received in 30 second intervals...[emotional mapping] [technology] [roamer's log]

The results of our trials using GPRS enabled PDAs in combination with GPS and data interpretation in MAX/MSP patches are documented on the TRyPTiCHON 1.0. website (or download pdf, 550 KB)


first development stage of the telematic performance of one character, two bodies: the in-venue performer and the roaming performer

research report on trials of the XYBERNAUT MATC wearable computer, together with a summary of our work in live streaming as dramaturgy, movement (capoeira), and production (at makrolab) is available here [pdf, 700 KB] (11/02)

movement studies in images: breakdance and capoeira

playing now: blastfarselektah by mukul (featuring ajay naidu and equal-i)