November 18-24 Arhivs gallery Riga, Latvia

A realtime videoinstalation followed by series of live audiovisual data exchange performances in search of access to the repository of higher knowledge.

Video / sound artists and broadcasters (streaming media / icecast) are invited to salvage the Light from obscurity and participate in search process by joining tele-jamming sessions during the exhibition.

To partcipiate and find out more, pls contact for any questions.

*The installation concept is built around an ancient myth found in Latvian pagan culture, but its symbolic meaning can be found in many other cultures, be it the Golden Age, The Lost world, the Garden of Eden in ancient times and Christian belief or lost tree of knowledge in Eastern Cultures.

In the Latvian mythology there is a widely known story about the Palace of Light - a repository of higher knowledge and wisdom, freedom and power of spirit and mind, which was drowned by darkness in depths of the lake Burtnieki a long time ago.

By transforming the pagan mythology and industrial societies notion of the Place of Light into the images of information society we arrive at the symbol which finds similarities with 21 century cultural icons like cyberspace, hyperspace, unlimited information space; dimension of thought, idea and information reality.

In the Latvian folklore we can find precise information about the way the drowned palace can be accessed: its name (or call it password) needs to be guesed, identified and separated from the rest of the information. Basically if we don't question the convictions of Hellenistic thinkers about reality as the imperfect projection of the Idea, where new phenomenon and conceptions appear only when they are thought of (identified), it is necessary to find/capture this idea of the Palace of light, which will serve as a universal key to the gate of the world of idea.

Today the information technologies have developed to such a level that it should be possible to find the 'word'(access code) of the Palace of Light. Even more, the search can be conducted in three basic levels of information: visual, sound and text. In this case the access code search software will work like information processing virtuoso hackers, finding the right code from the hundreds of possible combinations.

* about Telejam
A realtime audiovisual data performance (concert), simultaniously in real and virtual space. Many audio/visual streams are created and transsmited simultaneously by the artists in different geographical locations, and presented live via mix aesthetics. Since summer 2001 AmbienTV.NET (London) and RIGASOUND (Riga) has conducted a series of real and virtual space situations Telejam lab. Telejam is real-time data sculpture in the information space.

Technically: in the exchange of data the internet and streaming media software (realmedia, Icecast) are used as well as huge arsenal of digital, virtual and analogue sound and video signal equipment, video/audio mixers, effect processors, image processing software, etc.

Format of the situation and its experimental aesthetics allow artists to use and experiment with the net effects and techniques such as delay, loop, feedback, lo-res and signal distortion to create reflexive and summarising audio-visual loop infinities.


[Nov 2002]