In July 2001, the broadbandits from and Latvia's held up the information superhighway with the first TELEJAM laboratory (Telejam01/Delay28).

Telejam01, on the occasion of broadbandit Ilze Black's 28th birthday, was fortuitously blessed with a 28 second delay between uploading and downloading of the media streams, generating a laid-back feedback piece.


Sunday, July 15 7pm till midnight
You are warmly invited to participate in the DELAY28 tele-jamming laboratory in one of the physical + media space bubbles > between Latvia and England >

@ Public Life, London
@ Casablanca, Riga

Life narrative will be generated around the theme of [7x4] by loved up digipixlfukcers* from Riga and London to celebrate the birthday of illustrious Ilze Black. A Œflying carpetı of beats tempo 280 bpm (or some multiple of it, like 140, 70) and loops of pattern length 4, 8, or 16

[LV] and 7, 14, 21 [UK] carries audio-visual goodies between Riga and London Š
* [LV] visuals>> NEI, Linards Kulless, MKII, d-9, pk
sound>> DJ heincha, d9, gonzalez, heleena

[UK] cookz>>soundz>>lightz>> Manu, Mukul, Kertal, Milky Bar Kid, Joanna and many more alchemists @ Public Life: Please bring food for barbecues and anything related to number 7 to contribute to the audio/visual alchemyŠ