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kertal at ambientspace

 ... the CD POLMAN REISEN is the best you can listen to on the shortest day of the year: 'fernweh' (wanderlust?) kicks in for sure - the more so as you look at the photos of Mister Polman (the grandfather-in-law of kertal) on holiday in various destinations of the Southern hemisphere.

Listen to the CD online, or order it at mikaella 

here the message kertal left behind for us after he left ambientspace:

" after kertal's time in-residence

ambient space after kertal 

you might have asked yourself, what's the mission of an ambientTV.NET artist-in-residence.

serving native ambients?
creating art on the assembly line ?
becoming famous later on so that ambient people can sell pictures of your residence time?

well, in kertal's case the job description was simple:
take some pictures, compose some music, do something.

ok, caaan do: some music, some pictures, something else"