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Each book launch a new format!

This month, we presented our publication through the performative book launch piece Love, Piracy... in Vienna, and in London. In Vienna, the ambience of the project space (Salon für Kunst Buch), which is all about book as art form and book as a space of experiment anddialogue, contibuted to a subtle and relaxed experience (thanks, Bernhard!).

The Royal College of Arts exposed our idea to a more radical and questioning crowd of participants. Students were invited to a "lecture which is the work, not about the work". By accepting to work as censor, the student would get the otherwise impossible access to the content of Love,Piracy, a multi-facetted piece about censorship in Iran in relation to emerging technologies.

I really enjoy the way Love, Piracy invents itself by responding to different contexts, including previous ones in Hamburg and Hong Kong. More to come!