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selected recent work

* chain-music — segment for Ryuichi Sakamoto's online project

*NOD — interactive, multi-channel sound + light installation addressing the formal and informal aspects of the IT economy, developed in collaboration with students at Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore for Ars Electronica (May 2005)

*bombay, badarpur border — suite of interactive pieces for a group show with Ashok Sukumaran and Shaina Anand (APJ Media Gallery, New Delhi, March 2005)

*foliage chorus — multi-channel sound for dance installation for Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Co., to inaugurate Hendon Artsdepot (November 2004)

*tryptichon/myriorama — a surround audio-visual environment and narrative structure for a dance piece based on an Italo Calvino short story (London 2003–04 / Helsinki 2004 for Pixelache and ISEA)

*England Expects — for 7 ghettoblasters and a megaphone, commissioned for Summer in the Square (Trafalgar Square, London, May 2004)

*Diaspora.In.Synchro.City — for 8 ghettoblasters (Århus Festege, Denmark, August 2003).

*AV DINNERS — live and multi-channel streaming gastronomic event with an emphasis on the erotic (July 2003).

*music for Armadillo for your show (Oleg Kulik at Tate Modern, London, 2003)

*The Spy School — investigating the post 9/11 surveillance society through exercises at Hull Time-Based Arts, UK (2003) and at the Tel Aviv International Video Festival (2002)

*Stealth Waltz — commissioned for Kingdom of Piracy net art exhibition (Taiwan / presented at Ars Electronica 2002)

*Telejam — series of streaming audio/video 'jam sessions' exploring transmission delays and feedback over the internet (since 2001)

*Acoustic Space Lab — investigating the acoustic and musical possibilites of radiotelescopes (Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre, Latvia, since 2001)


music for dance and film

*Faceless (science fiction/social faction thriller that exclusively uses surveillance camera footage, by Manu Luksch, in production)

*harmony music for Saju Hari (Resolutions, London, 2005)

*Unknown White Male music for documentary about a man who lost his memory and identity (Spectre Films/FilmFour, for preview at Sundance 2005)

*twelvetwentyone music for Lyon Opéra Ballet, chor. Russell Maliphant,  (11ème Biennale de la Danse, Lyon, 2004)

*Virtual Borders (feature length documentary on the Akha people of the Mekong Quadrangle, by Manu Luksch, 2004)

*Skin music for Vena Ramphal / Vitafilms (2004)

*Choice music for Russell Maliphant Company (2003)

*Critics Choice***** music for The Ballet Boyz (choreographed by Akram Khan, London 2003)

*DNAsia sound/video installation for Shobana Jeyasingh (2003)

*Housed multiroom sound and dance installation based on Conrad¹s Heart of Darkness for Prised Open (London, 2002)