Virtual Borders soundtrack CD [2003] includes theme by TJ Rehmi, tracks by Aju Jupoh, and recordings from Akha villagers. now available from ambient's e-label. [read more...]

Acoustic Space Lab CD [2001]: renumber
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Home Original Track by Karsh Kale

Mukul's Acid Lullaby reinterpretation of "Home" by multifaceted turntablaist Karsh Kale (NYC).
Available on the Six Degrees CD REDESIGN alongside remixes by Bill Laswell, DJ Spooky, and the storming Pressure mix by Navdeep of Mutiny Sounds.


Suvara The LP/CD consists of remixes and reinterpretations of traditional Afghani music performed by Rafi Hanif and his party. These musicians were displaced from Afghanistan and arrived in Austria in August 2001...
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