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Mayday2000, London

video stills

11am: Parliament Square: Gardening & Party

12-2pm: Parliament Square: Gardening & Party

3 pm: police everywhere

4-7pm: Trafalgar Square

video files (RealVideo, 56k)

Parliament Square & interviews, 10-12am

Trafalgar S Square, 12-2pm

Trafalgar Square, 4-7pm, police closes in thousands of people. hours later people are allowed to leave one by one, being searched and photographed by police ("making use of Criminal Justice Act")

audio files

Press statement/1 by Mayday2000 organisation, 30.04:"Festival of Anti-Capitalism" (MP3 for download & reuse)

Press statement/2, by Mayday2000 organisation, 30.04: "Difference between demos in US (Seattle, Washington) and UK (J18, N30, M1)" (MP3 for download & reuse)

Interviews with passer-bys (RealAudio)

1. "Youth, take over!"

2. "Who is out there today?"

3. "Global capitalism does not set out to prevent children from starving..."

4. "A festival for and against: ..."

5. "Happy Mayday"

6. "Equality. freedom, democracy..."

7."I work in the City myself..."

8."Mayday is Solidarity, not Anarchism..."

9."People are planting on Parliament Square..."

10. "This is the Labour government in action..."

11."It can't go on like this forever..."

12."We need your ideas!"

>>> ambient crew: Annie, Chris, Jobie, Nicky, Axel, Dara, and Manu.

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