bibliography / N-Lao & Secret War (under construction)

Branfman, Fred: Voices from the Plain of Jars. New York 1972.

Kissinger, Henry: Vietnam War

Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit Deutschland: unveröffentlichte Studien des GTZ Muang Sing, Akha Entwicklungsprojekte. Laos 1995-97.

McCoy, Alfred: The Politics of Heroin in South East Asia.

Pilger, John: Hidden Agendas. London 1998.

Robbins, Christopher: The Ravens. The Men who flew in America's Secret War.New York 1987.

Robbins, Christopher: Air America.

Stuart Fox, Martin: Buddhist Kingdom, Marxist State. The Making of Modern Laos. Bangkok 1996.

related documentary films:

The Back-seat Generals (1970), an investigation of the CIA war in Laos, Granada TV (part of its World-in-Action documentary series)

Marvin Farkas, documenting the performance of the Lockheed C-130 on airlift duty in combat +A-37 jet bomber in action

Santiago Alvarez: Laos, The Forgotten War (1967) portrait of life in caves under American saturation bombing (an newsreel)

Walter Heynowski+ Gerhard Scheumann (Ostdeutsche): Pilots in Pyjamas/Piloten in Pyjama (1967), The Job: interviews with American pilots in the Hanoi Hilton prison camp

Joris Ivens: Le Peuple et Ses Fusils (1970) on the war in Laos

MorleyŒs Safer Vietnam, interview with American airmen

Peter Davis: The Selling of the Pentagon (1971), on media policy of the P during Indochina War, CBS News Documentary

Deborah Shaffer: Witness to War (about the life of Dr Charles Clements, who was flying combat missions in Vietnam, then in Laos (Phoenix program). Hears Nixon in a broadcast flatly deny that the United States was militarily involved in Laos. (S 304)

Vietnam: A Television History (writer: Stanley Karnow, US-Britisch-Französ. Prod)

Manndorff, Hans: antropologische Studien über die Bergvölker in N-Thailand, 53 10 min 16mm Filme (1964/5), Institut für den Wissenschaftlichen Film in Göttingen.

Pam Yates, Tom Sigel (Skylight Pictures): When The Mountains Tremble (guerrilla communities in Guatemala under constant government+CIA bombardement +story of Rigoberta Menchu)

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