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Mapping CCTV around Whitehall

Two-part exercise to map CCTV cameras around Whitehall, London, within a zone covered by SOCPA (Serious and Organized
Crime and Police Act 2005
). A map of the hundreds of cameras in the zone was made over two days of observation. the second part involved mapping the range of one of these cameras, no. 40 in Villiers street, by intercepting its signal as it was transmitted wirelessly without encryption. As passers-by entered the marked area covered by camera no. 40, they were alerted to the camera’s presence and handed a copy of the map of CCTV cameras in Whitehall.

public screenings include 'Films by Manu Luksch' at Cinema2, Centre Pompidou (2009), Betting on Shorts (2009), NHK Japan (Japanese National Television, 2008), LIFT (2008)

Video (160 sec, mp4) online at, or Vimeo

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