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The evening started with a splendid salmon buffet (flown in by our Finnish guests!)... Juha Huuskonen then dazzled with his presentation of PixelACHE artists (including some truly inspired circuit-bent instruments). The evening was due to culminate with the enchanting sounds of Memnon (music duo Eva Alkula and Ville Hyvönen), in a warm-up gig for their Ultrasound tour... but then Shane & band just happened to pop by for a midnight poetry-improv jam. The fade-out was mixed the never-equalled Equal-I.... 

photos by mariko montpetit

* * *

* Ultrasound 2005 Warm-up *
* PixelACHE festival get-together *
* Finnish finish for's Manu & Mukul

Ultrasound 2005 ( presents 'Finnish Partition',
a showcase of finnish electronic music and art. The finnish
program is put together by Juha Huuskonen, the chief of PixelACHE
festival circus ( The program features some
of the highlights of the PixelACHE festival editions.

If you cannot make it to Huddersfield (you definitely should
try to!) then you can catch a glimpse of the program at the
event which is hosted by This 'finnish finish ritual' marks also
the 15 sabatical months ambientTV.NET's Manu & Mukul
are taking from London...

* * *

The program of the evening features...

+ Performance by Memnon
Memnon is an experimental music duo of kantele player
Eva Alkula and sound designer Ville Hyvönen - for more info,
music and videos go to:

+ Presentation of PixelACHE festival by Juha Huuskonen,
highlights of 2005 + upcoming program in

+ Videos by O Samuli A + other Ultrasound / PixelACHE artists

+ surprise acts

* * *
21. November 2005
7-12 pm
Bring a bottle, get a snack