The Eye 2: Alluminae Dance Company

Her ongoing interventions in public space and explorations of control technologies, led artist Manu Luksch to take a closer look at Busby Berkely's technique of filming from the roof. A pioneered point of view for a camera lense in the 1930ies, but common perspective for all the surveillance cameras in London's streets.

A housing estate in Brentford turned out to be a suitable filming location: the hundreds of CCTV cameras at the estate allowed THE EYE to be recorded following the rules of the Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers (which states that no camera other than the CCTV already in place may be used). Alluminae Dance Project, a super-dynamic group of dance-enthusiasts from Brentford, collaborated with Manu Luksch - choreographie was developed by Alluminae's Dinnie Davis, Charlene Grant and Charmaine Grant.

The eighty dance performers of Alluminae Dance Project and the artist met in May 2005 at the car park of Brentford Towers. They located themselves underneath the CCTV cameras in order to perform items of their street dance repertoire. Together with Manu Luksch, the choreography was adapted to exploit the bird's view perspective of the surveillance cameras. The recording was subsequently obtained from the data controllers under the UK Data Protection Act 1998.


Alluminae Dance Project participating in THE EYE. Manu Luksch 2005


Still from THE EYE. 2005