Wolfgang Staehle


Digital photographs of 24 h periods, interval c. 10s, taken between March and July


still courtesy of the artist



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 Born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1950. Wolfgang
Staehle moved to New York in 1976 to
study at the School of Visual Arts, with,
among others, Joseph Kosuth (Conceptual
Art), Marshall Blonsky (Semiotics), Robert
Mangold (Painting), and Jackie Winsor
After a gallery career in New York and
Europe in the 1980s, Staehle decided to work
collectively, and in 1991 he founded THE
THING, an innovative online forum for artists
and cultural workers. THE THING began as
a Bulletin Board System (BBS), a form of
online community dialogue used before the
advent of the World Wide Web. By the late
1990s. it had grown  into a diverse online 
community of dozens of members’ Web
sites, mailing lists, a Web hosting service, a
community studio in Chelsea, and the first
Web site devoted to Net Art, bbs.thing.net.
In 1996, Staehle began to produce an
ongoing series of live online video streams.
The first of these works was Empire 24/7, a
continuous recording of the top one-third of
the Empire State Building broadcast live over
the Internet. Staehle has followed Empire
24/7 with online streams of other buildings,
landscapes and cityscapes such as Berlin’s
Fernsehturm, the Comburg Monastery in
Germany, lower Manhattan before and after
9/11, and a Yanomami village in the Brazilian
He is represented by Postmasters Gallery, New York.