02. - 02.Apr.07 TURKU: screening of 'FACELESS' - the movie
Arts Academy Turku, Finland. 'faceless', the CCTV sci-fi movie by Manu Luksch, will be introduced by the filmmaker and screened at the lecture theatre.
19. - 25.Mar.07 GRAZ: premiere of 'faceless' -the movie @ Diagonale2007
'faceless' the CCTV sci-fi film by Manu Luksch has its premiere at DIAGONALE 2007, Graz, Austria. Experimental 7: 20.03.07 at 19.45, 23.03.07 at 16.45 tog with documentary "every step you take" 21.03.07 at 12.00, 23.03.07 at 22.45
31.Mar.07 - 13.May.07 TURKU: 'faceless - the spectral children' @ Digitally Yours
'faceless - the spectral children' by Manu Luksch will be shown at the exhibition 'Digitally Yours' is hosted by the Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum, Turku, Finland. It includes works by Laura Beloff & Erich Bergen, Phil Coy, Christian Nold, Locus+ & Chris Burden, Juha Huuskonen, Anita Fontaine, Pia Tikka, Markus Renvall, Ken Rinaldo, Soda, Asa Stahl & Kristina Lindstrom, and Animaatiokone Industries
21. - 24.Nov.06 MADRAS / BANGALORE: Mukul in India – DJ sets
Mukul will be playing a whistlestop tour of TAJ hotels and IT Parks in Madras and Bangalore, as part of a British Council programme.
15.Oct.06 - 15.Jan.07 LILLE: IST @ Lille3000
Series of idiosyncratic public clocks by mukul for the Lille 3000 festival
Photos and reviews about ambient.lounge went online. For the re-opening show Connecting Worlds at the NTT ICC in Tokyo (Sept 2006) ambientTV.NET create the ambient.lounge as a space to browse works, relax, connect, reflect, dream, snack pixels and sounds.
  species of spaces
mukul at CEPT School of Architecture, Ahmedabad, India
15.Sep.06 - 26.Nov.06 TOKYO: Connecting worlds
Curated by Yukiko Shikata for the occasion of the re-opening of the NTT InterCommunication Center[ICC], Connecting Worlds invites the artists ambientTV.NET (AT/IN) / Wayne CLEMENTS (UK) / Robert DAVIS + Usman HAQUE (UK) / exonemo (JP) / Peter FISCHLI & David WEISS (CH) / Muntadas (UK/SP) / MaSS Dev. (JP) / MOHRI Yuko + MIHARA Soichirou (JP) / Newtype Technology Lab. (JP) / Dennis OPPENHEIM (UK) / Manuel SAIZ (UK/SP) / TANO Taiga (JP) to comment on communication networks from oral communication to telecommunication...
22. - 30.Jul.06 AHMEDABAD: species of spaces
Seminar led by Mukul Patel, on art, politics and technology at the School of Architecture, CEPT, India
26. - 26.Oct.06 AMSTERDAM: 'ORCHESTRA OF ANXIETY' on show at 'databodies'
the *databodies* project runs the whole day and eve and night on October 26th. it is parallell to the festival *transito*, a collaboration of all Leidse Plein Theatres (Melkweg, Balie, Parsadiso, Belleveue and the City Theatre).
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