15.May.14 - 03.Aug.14 RIGA European Capital of Culture
The international media art exhibition FIELDS will take place at the Arsenāls Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art. The exhibition is one of the key events of “Riga 2014 – European Capital of Culture” programme. Exhibition FIELDS is curated by Raitis Smits, Rasa Smite and Armin Medosch (Austria/UK).

The exhibition FIELDS will introduce to the role of art in modern science, technology innovation and social change. It will feature historical art works from the collections of European museums and galleries which trace parallel paths of art, scientific inventions and media technologies in the 20th century. Visitors will be welcomed to meet the most recent tendencies in the search for innovative approaches and forms in the 21st century art practices which address sustainability issues from various perspectives.

Amongst the exhibits is KAYAK LIBRE by Manu Luksch.

29.Oct.13 LONDON: Museum of London: The ODI Annual Summit
A day celebrating open data’s current and future role in government, business and society. The ODI's first annual summit will showcase innovative projects from many sources including government and academic research. Speakers include Sir Tim Berners-Lee & Sir Nigel Shadbolt, amongst other ... FACELESS (Manu Luksch 2007) will be screened at 17:00, as part of the programme.
20.Oct.13 WROKLAV [PL]: FACELESS @ TIFF Festival
MAnu Luksch's film FACELESS (2007) is screened as part of Trochę Inny Festiwal Fotografii.
01. - 06.Oct.13 HONG KONG: AFTER CITY
VENUE JCCAC Central Courtyard CURATOR Andrew Lam (Hongkong) 林漢堅 ARTISTS Ciu Xiu Wen崔岫聞 (Beijing), Jiangzhi蔣志 (Shenzhen-Beijing), John Young楊子榮 (Melbourne), William Furlong (London), Lee Tal李脫 (Seoul), Hybrid Space Lab (Berlin), Ne Wai Hua倪衛華 (Shanghai), Sarawut Chutiwongpeti (Bangkok), Manu Luksch (London)
12. - 16.Jun.14 LONDON: Ghost on the Wire
Group exhibition at Bermondsey Project Space, featuring artists from the United Kingdom, Singapore and beyond, and curated by Gavin Maughfling and Suzanne de Emmony:
"We have invited film-makers, painters, installation and sound artists, photographers, writers and choreographers and others to respond to our theme, which is communication: how we use, adapt and subvert technologies to communicate across time and space, and perhaps how we are in turn shaped by our use of these innovations."
01.Oct.13 LONDON: Urban Wandering at Barbican
Faceless (UK 2008 Dir Manu Luksch 50 min) + Shorts (12A) + ScreenTalk with Manu Luksch and Emily Richardson - Tue 1 Oct 8pm, Cinema 3, as part of Urban Wandering:
A season of films and events which explore issues and debates in 'psychogeography' and our experience of the city, with a particular focus on our neighbouring boroughs in the East End. Over the last ten years a significant number of films have been made which connect with the psychogeography theme, and there has been much writing and debate on the subject. But this work has never been brought together as part of a comprehensive or unified film project. 'Urban Wandering' will thus be an innovative venture, and the approaches will be diverse; film will be at the heart of the programme, accompanied by introductions and screen talks, readings, walks, masterclasses and discussion. (from Barbican website)
27.Sep.13 LONDON: Friday Lunchtime Lecture at ODI
Friday lunchtime lectures (1 - 1:45 pm) are for everyone and free to attend. Manu Luksch willl present her artistic research project, FACELESS: Chasing the Data Shadow. Pioneering the notion of the 'legal ready mades', the sci-fi fairy tale FACELESS was entirely produced through activation of data protection legislation. The film interrogates the laws that govern the video surveillance of society, and in both its mode of coming into being and its plot, critiques such a surveilled society.
03.Jul.13 - 01.Sep.13 VIENNA: Museumsquartier / quartier21
The exhibition “FACELESS part I”, opening at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL/MQ on July 3 at 19:00, presents contemporary works from the worlds of art and fashion in which faces are hidden, transformed, or masked. The show compiles about one hundred works by artists including Marina Abramović, Manu Luksch, Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau, Katsuya Kamo for Junya Watanabe COMME des GARÇONS, Ursula Hübner.

For artist Bogomir Doringer (SRB/NED), curator of the exhibition together with Brigitte Felderer from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the exhibition was chiefly inspired by the sociopolitical consequences of 9/11. As the value of facial identifiability has risen, abstracted forms and representations of faces have become increasingly common in artistic production.

10. - 17.Aug.13 WOLKERSDORF: Fotowochen
Kreis-Verkehr Das Ende der Mobilität? - a programme produced by FLUSS, including a workshop by Manu Luksch: 'Make Your Own Future', and Johann Lurf at Schloss Wolkersdorf
04.Jul.13 - 08.Sep.13 BILBAO: Alhóndiga Bilbao
FACELESS by Manu Luksch showing at the exhibition 'Artists as Catalysts' at Alhóndiga Bilbao, opening 4th July 2013.
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