15.Sep.05 - 23.Oct.05 ORCHESTRA OF ANXIETY at Watermans, London
For this new work to be first shown at Watermans Gallery, London-based artists Manu Luksch and Mukul Patel expand their ongoing explorations of the concept of security ...
7.30 pm
HINGES ON _ responsive media installation and comment space on economic grey zones of the ict sector in around bangalore
by thomas abraham, umang razdan bhattacharrya, priyanka dilip, ishan ghosh, ramyah gowrishankar, pratima kalmadi, nishita kavadia, siddharth muthyala, hidish singh, k.t. thomas and divya viswanathan developed and realized during the tactical media lab led by manu and mukul (ambientTV.NET) at srishti school of art, design and technology
06. - 06.Jul.05
Wednesday 6 July 18.15-20.15 Institute of Contemporary Art The Mall London SW1
Manu & Mukul ambientTV.NET@ piknik hq,
Vaasankatu 7, Helsinki
20.Dec.03 - 20.Jan.04 FACELESS at 'Onufri' in Tirana / Albania
the science fiction CCTV thriller about a world in which everyone has lost their face. part1: the apropriation is showing at 'ONUFRI' International Contemporary Art Exhibition, at the National Gallery, Tirana, Albania.
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