01. - 02.Jun.07 WIEN: Orchestra of Anxiety @ Soho in Ottakring
where: Frieda Halle A, Friedmanngasse 36, 1160 Wien. when: friday, 1st of June 15:00 - 21:00 saturday, 2nd of June 14:00 - 18:00
30.Mar.07 HELSINKI: pixelACHE 2007 shows FACELESS
FACELESS @ Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki [FI]; 18:00, free entrance
10. - 29.Apr.07 ROTTERDAM, DEAF 07: faceless - the spectral children
The screening programme at Dutch Electronic Art Festival DEAF 07 includes CCTV-thriller 'faceless - the spectral children'.
02. - 02.Apr.07 TURKU: screening of 'FACELESS' - the movie
Arts Academy Turku, Finland. 'faceless', the CCTV sci-fi movie by Manu Luksch, will be introduced by the filmmaker and screened at the lecture theatre.
19. - 25.Mar.07 GRAZ: premiere of 'faceless' -the movie @ Diagonale2007
'faceless' the CCTV sci-fi film by Manu Luksch has its premiere at DIAGONALE 2007, Graz, Austria. Experimental 7: 20.03.07 at 19.45, 23.03.07 at 16.45 tog with documentary "every step you take" 21.03.07 at 12.00, 23.03.07 at 22.45
31.Mar.07 - 13.May.07 TURKU: 'faceless - the spectral children' @ Digitally Yours
'faceless - the spectral children' by Manu Luksch will be shown at the exhibition 'Digitally Yours' is hosted by the Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum, Turku, Finland. It includes works by Laura Beloff & Erich Bergen, Phil Coy, Christian Nold, Locus+ & Chris Burden, Juha Huuskonen, Anita Fontaine, Pia Tikka, Markus Renvall, Ken Rinaldo, Soda, Asa Stahl & Kristina Lindstrom, and Animaatiokone Industries
Photos and reviews about ambient.lounge went online. For the re-opening show Connecting Worlds at the NTT ICC in Tokyo (Sept 2006) ambientTV.NET create the ambient.lounge as a space to browse works, relax, connect, reflect, dream, snack pixels and sounds.
01.Sep.06 - 01.Oct.06 No Man's Land
No Man's Land is a web project for Womanifesto 2006 The project, No Man's Land invites 65 participants from diverse locations and backgrounds to utilize cyber space as the primary platform to present works addressing the territorially imagined line of the border, its powers of inclusion and exclusion, and its ability to simultaneously promote both unity and conflict. Borders also define our sense of nationalism, giving rise to a sense of belonging or not-belonging and informing historical and current cultural practices that influence our sense of nation-hood and ownership. The project will develop gradually as the invited participants upload their work.
15.Sep.06 - 26.Nov.06 TOKYO: Connecting worlds
Curated by Yukiko Shikata for the occasion of the re-opening of the NTT InterCommunication Center[ICC], Connecting Worlds invites the artists ambientTV.NET (AT/IN) / Wayne CLEMENTS (UK) / Robert DAVIS + Usman HAQUE (UK) / exonemo (JP) / Peter FISCHLI & David WEISS (CH) / Muntadas (UK/SP) / MaSS Dev. (JP) / MOHRI Yuko + MIHARA Soichirou (JP) / Newtype Technology Lab. (JP) / Dennis OPPENHEIM (UK) / Manuel SAIZ (UK/SP) / TANO Taiga (JP) to comment on communication networks from oral communication to telecommunication...
26. - 26.Oct.06 AMSTERDAM: 'ORCHESTRA OF ANXIETY' on show at 'databodies'
the *databodies* project runs the whole day and eve and night on October 26th. it is parallell to the festival *transito*, a collaboration of all Leidse Plein Theatres (Melkweg, Balie, Parsadiso, Belleveue and the City Theatre).
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