01.Feb.08 BERLIN [D]: transmediale08: FACELESS: opportunistic infections of the surveillance apparatus
Manu Luksch introduces the idea of the Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers and other artistic subversive activity surrounding CCTV at Bilderberg Salon, a forum for presenting and discussing artistic strategy.
03.Apr.08 - 31.Aug.08 ÖSTERSUND [SE]: "Teleport Färgfabriken" exhibition showing FACELESS
The opening exhibition of Färgfabriken Norr, the new contemporary art space in Östersund, Sweden, features works by over 80 artists including Carsten Höller, David Lynch, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Carsten Nicolai and Manu Luksch
  Squaring the Circle, Circling the Square
misfits, miscreants, square pegs in round holes... or perhaps round pegs in square holes? Three artists cast distorting eyes over Trafalgar Square, presenting twisted geometries over 12 panels of the London Lomowall during the The Lomography World Congress. (17. - 23. Sept 07).
24.Nov.07 BRUSSELS [BE]: presentation and screening of FACELESS
As part of the 10th JONCTION Festival, Manu Luksch gives a talk about the making of FACELESS followed by a screening. The festival focuses on etraces: "Tracks in electr(on)ic fields, gestures transformed into data, codes that set bodies in motion, prescriptions that ask to be interpreted. Pretended or real identities spread like viruses as they are carried across networks by (un)controlable, commercialised and personalised information services, inhabiting borders and embodying rumours." Venue: Bellone, rue de Flandres.
03.Mar.08 ESSEX [UK]: screening of FACELESS
FACELESS @ The Thameside Theatre. Tickets £ 3.00
The works of artist-in-residence programme 2008 were shown at V2 The Wharf London. The catalogue is downloadable as pdf.
12. - 12.Dec.07 BRUSSELS [BE]: Quotidien sous contrôle
As part of the connference "Quotidien sous contrôle" initiated by La Ligue des droits de l’Homme asbl, Manu Luksch participates in a debate about the sociopolitical impact of security technology, following the screening of CCTV fairy tale FACELESS.
Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst (NL) from 14. Nov 08 : This is the story of a woman who does everything by the booklet... A NEW AND EXCITING EXPERIENCE is a suite of works (installations, book, film) based on the language of user manuals. Originally commissioned by SPACE Studios and Queen Mary College London, works are now installed as part of the group show 'Speaking Out Loud', Amsterdam.
25.Jan.08 - 02.Mar.08 LONDON: exhibition THE NOT QUITE YET
An exhibition of new works by Manu Luksch & Mukul Patel, Loraine Leeson, Stacy Makishi and Lois Weaver. The artists respond to research with groups of older people in East London and ask how the UK’s 'ageing' population can engage with future design processes of Technology. You are invited to the opening: 25th of Jan 6-8pm; SPACE Gallery, 129 - 131 Mare St, London E8.
20. - 21.Oct.07 CAMBRIDGE: Art and Law
Manu&Mukul @ Seminar 'Art and Law: Interdisciplinary Arts', chaired by Professor Simon Goldhill, Kings College Research Centre in Cambridge UK
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