videoclub & Index on Censorship present BEYOND SURVEILLANCE, curated by Manu Luksch. A screening of art works developed in response to and in counteraction against surveillance technologies, with a panel of speakers discussing the consequences of and alternatives to surveillance in our daily life. What are the consequences of surveillance on our daily lives? Is surveillance provoking a climate of self-censorship? Is a society without a paternalistic infrastructure of control, such as surveillance and censorship, possible? As surveillance technologies become more ubiquitous – from CCTV to data-mining on websites to mobile phones to Google streetcar – does it not become ever more important to consider the implications and to develop creative, radical responses, counteracting and reversing acts of surveillance? Artist and curator Manu Luksch has selected several works which explore differing aspects of re-activism to surveillance technologies; selected artists include: Michelle Teran, David Valentine, Caspar Below, and The Bureau of Inverse Technology. Panel - Caspar Below – artist - Julia Farrington – Head of Arts at Index on Censorship - Manu Luksch – ambientTV.NET / artist - David Valentine – artist Manu Luksch is highly celebrated for her work investigating the use of surveillance technologies in artistic practice: In particular her work Faceless has been internationally recognised and celebrated for its approach in exploring CCTV / surveillance technology in society.
15.Apr.10 BIRMINGHAM [UK]: Fierce ‘Caravan of Artists’ 2010-11
On 15 April we will be showing the book launch performance & installation LOVE, PIRACY as part of the introductory launch of the Fierce Festival in Birmingham, leading up to a new project culminating in February 2011. AE Harris in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.
13. - 15.Apr.10 LONDON: A Global Surveillance Society?
At this 4th Biannual Surveillance and Society Conference, Manu Luksch will introduce a programme of works, which are exposing legal, social, and aesthetic dimensions of CCTV surveillance systems through artistic investigation.
  ElectroSmog Festival
The ElectroSmog Festival of Sustainable Immobility takes place telematically on scheduled video chat channels. London-based node, Chelsea College of Art & Design, invites to join for some of the events. Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel and ambient.lounge guests Armin Medosch, Heather Ring, and the Lorax are presenting on Friday, 19 March 19:00 (GTM), at "Public media art projects and sustainability". Free, booking essential. info[at]ambientTV.NET. where:
18. - 20.Mar.10 LONDON & international: ElectroSmog Festival
ElectroSmog Festival of sustainable immobility will take place telematically through scheduled video chat channels. London node Chelsea College invites to join at location for some of the scheduled events. Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel and ambient.lounge guests Armin Medosch, Lorax and Oncler, are participating on Friday, 19 March 19:00 (GTM), at "Public media art projects and sustainability".
  Function Creep
tactical fiction project. coming soon!
26. - 26.Jan.10 BOMBAY/MUMBAI [IN]: FACELESS screening
Screening of FACELESS and afterparty!
26. - 26.Jan.10 BOMBAY/MUMBAI [IN]: Love, Piracy and the Office of Religious Weblog Expansion
What better way to spend Republic Day than CAMPing out with Ambient Information Systems? Participatory performance/installation/book launch + screening + music.
10.Dec.09 NEW YORK: FACELESS screening @ The City College
2 pm: You are welcome to the screening of the sci-fi feature film produced under the Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers, at The City College of New York, Room 292, Shepard Hall, 138th St at Convent, follwed by Q & A with the filmmaker.
6 pm onwards: Presentation of the publication, which elucidates the work of Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel and collaborators as part of the wave of critical art that has emerged alongside the rise of digital networks, including essays by Armin Medosch, Keiko Sei, Siraj Izhar. And: party to DJ mixes by Mukul, following the Holiday Hackshop, an free all-ages, multi-workshop electronic craft-making fair by eyebeam.
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