visual arts

15.Oct.06 - 15.Jan.07 LILLE: IST @ Lille3000
Series of idiosyncratic public clocks by mukul for the Lille 3000 festival
02.Jun.06 SYDNEY: 'faceless' showing at Gallery Barry Keldoulis
Please join Charles Merewether, Artistic Director and Curator of the 2006 Biennale of Sydney, as he opens Sean Cordeiro & Claire Healy's exhibition, Custom Living, featuring new sculptures and photo-records of ephemeral installations, and Austrian artist Manu Luksch's sci-fi thriller faceless, made entirely from surveillance video footage, next Thursday, 1st of June, from 6 to 8pm. Gallery Barry Keldoulis 2 Danks Street, Waterloo Sydney, Australia
10. - 12.May.06 MARIBOR Orchestra of Anxiety
Orchestra of Anxiety will be shown at the 12 Int. Festival of Computer Arts in Maribor, Slovenia, at KIBLA.
24. - 26.Mar.06 BRATISLAVA (SK): Orchestra of Anxiety
Opening: Friday March 24th, 18:00 (stay for the after-party!). Continues over the weekend, March 25th–26th 12.00-22.00 Venue: Design Factory, Bottova 2, Bratislava, Slovakia. Workshop: Sunday March 26th, 15.00. To register send an email to cudrnakech [at] Curated by 13 kubikov, supported by British Council.
  pornvirusmp3 at The Big Blue
The poster work "pornvirusmp3" by Ilze Black and Manu Luksch, shown at Tate Modern's "Century Cities", summarizes the three most searched-for key words on the Internet.
  Free PostSovietRevolution!
Font project by paulkhera
  Orchestra of Anxiety
A collection of musical instruments that use materials and technologies from the security and surveillance industries in their construction. -> [watch video documentation ]
  Bombay, Badarpur Border
a suite of interactive installations by Shaina Anand, Mukul Patel and Ashok Sukumaran at the Apeejay Media Gallery, Badarpur Border, New Delhi, India.
Collaborations involving artists and artisans amongst the Akha people in Northern Thailand
visual arts


set of three inkjet prints, 300 x 91cm
unique edition, 2003
Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney


FRAMED: THE MONEY. Manu Luksch 2003


FRAMED: THE MINISTRY. Manu Luksch 2003


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