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three sound and light works by mukul
14.Nov.08 - 17.Jan.09 AMSTERDAM [NL]: Speaking Out Loud at the Netherlands Media Art Institute
Speaking Out Loud, curated by Susanne Jaschko, advocates a free and creative process of thinking out loud through artworks that enable a playful and surprising experience of language. Featuring works by Christoph Keller, Jaromil, Tim Etchells and Vlatka Horvat, Manu Luksch and Mukul Patel (A NEW AND EXCITING EXPERIENCE), and others.
07.Aug.08 LONDON: private view at
As part of First Thursdays evening of gallery openings, invites to the private view of A NEW AND EXCITING EXPERIENCE.
30.May.08 ISTANBUL: Urban Jealousy- the 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran
1st station: Istanbul, 30th May - 6th July 2008 Manu Luksch shows photographic works 'Stand up to close scrutiny'. Venues: Hafriyat Karakoy Openning : 30th of May 18.00 - 21.00 Exhibition 30th May - 6th July Weekdays : 12.00 - 19.00 Closed on Mondays ,Tuesdays Necatibey Cad. No:79 Karaköy Istanbul Dogzstar GalatasarayBiennial Tehran Special Video Program: 30th May - 6th JulyWeekdays: 19:00 - 04:00 Closed on Sundays Gozel Party : 30 May Friday 23.30 - 04.00 * Gudubik Dub Sistim * Dj Biennial Vj 2010 & Nicolas Wiese * Ventochild* DVJ MyTube YouSpace * Dj Katakulli Kartal sokak no:3 kat.3 Galatasaray Istanbul
04.Apr.08 - 01.Jun.08 MANCHESTER [UK] Asia Triennale Manchester 08
Mukul plays the opening party for the Asia Triennale Manchester 08, a new international festival featuring visual artists from Mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. Bring ears.
  Squaring the Circle, Circling the Square
misfits, miscreants, square pegs in round holes... or perhaps round pegs in square holes? Three artists cast distorting eyes over Trafalgar Square, presenting twisted geometries over 12 panels of the London Lomowall during the The Lomography World Congress. (17. - 23. Sept 07).
The works of artist-in-residence programme 2008 were shown at V2 The Wharf London. The catalogue is downloadable as pdf.
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Ars Electronica 2007 'Good Bye Privacy' Theme Exhibition


How to anonymise  (2003)
original documents provided by a data controller in compliance with the Data Protection Act (1998) UK

The “gold standard” of skillful execution was set by an institution whose approach was almost baroque - they delivered hard copies of each of the several hundred relevant frames from the timelapse camera, with third parties’ heads cut out, apparently with nail scissors.

Two documents had (accidentally?) slipped in between the printouts—one a letter from a junior employee tendering her resignation (was it connected with the beheading job?), and the other an ironic memo: And the good news —I enclose the £10 fee to be passed to the branch sundry income account. (Head of Security, internal communication 09/2003)  

Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst (NL) from 14. Nov 08 : This is the story of a woman who does everything by the booklet... A NEW AND EXCITING EXPERIENCE is a suite of works (installations, book, film) based on the language of user manuals. Originally commissioned by SPACE Studios and Queen Mary College London, works are now installed as part of the group show 'Speaking Out Loud', Amsterdam.
01. - 02.Jun.07 WIEN: Orchestra of Anxiety @ Soho in Ottakring
where: Frieda Halle A, Friedmanngasse 36, 1160 Wien. when: friday, 1st of June 15:00 - 21:00 saturday, 2nd of June 14:00 - 18:00
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