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dance performance for a location-aware media environment in collaboration with kondition pluriel
  TRyPTiCHON 2.0
contemporary dance production for a live locative media environment, shown at the Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki during pixelACHE 2004.
  Orchestra of Anxiety
A collection of musical instruments that use materials and technologies from the security and surveillance industries in their construction. -> [watch video documentation ]
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The Eye - Choreography for surveilled space

a site-specific dance piece for 80 performers of all ages, developed as a humorous homage to the Busby Berkeley Hollywood revue movies. The choreography unfolds like a kaleidoscope and is filmed from above and screened on surveillance system operators whose vantage point is shared by the audience. The project took place at Lakeside Shopping Centre and Brentford Housing Estates. 

  making of

The Eye 2 with Alluminae Dance Company

06. - 06.Jul.05
Wednesday 6 July 18.15-20.15 Institute of Contemporary Art The Mall London SW1
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