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10. - 10.Jul.08 LONDON: performance by Fahim Amir (
Artist-in-residence of the programme, Fahim Amir (Vienna / AT) stages his new performance piece at the Austrian Cultural Forum London
28. - 28.Feb.08 LONDON: 'Connect' Associates Night at Sadlers Wells
Ballet Central perform a section of Choice by Russell Maliphant (music by Mukul) tonight at the Lilian Bayliss Theatre.
28.Feb.08 - 19.Mar.08 LONDON: New Wheeldon for the Royal Ballet
World premiere of a new work by Christopher Wheeldon for The Royal Ballet opens a mixed programme at the Royal Opera House. The Wheeldon is set to the music of Bach, Steve Reich (Electric Counterpoint), additional sound and dancer's voices designed by Mukul, and a complex multi-screen film work by The Ballet Boyz.
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Ars Electronica 2007 'Good Bye Privacy' Theme Exhibition


How to anonymise  (2003)
original documents provided by a data controller in compliance with the Data Protection Act (1998) UK

The “gold standard” of skillful execution was set by an institution whose approach was almost baroque - they delivered hard copies of each of the several hundred relevant frames from the timelapse camera, with third parties’ heads cut out, apparently with nail scissors.

Two documents had (accidentally?) slipped in between the printouts—one a letter from a junior employee tendering her resignation (was it connected with the beheading job?), and the other an ironic memo: And the good news —I enclose the £10 fee to be passed to the branch sundry income account. (Head of Security, internal communication 09/2003)  

11.Aug.07 LONDON: Shobana Jeyasingh at the British Museum
Site-specific quartet with music by Mukul
09. - 12.Aug.07 LONDON: Nagarantharan by Attakkalari in Trafalgar Square
Attakkalari, India's leading centre for contemporary movement, presents new work at the Trafalgar Square festival, with a quadrophonic soundtrack by Mukul.
12. - 14.Jul.07 LONDON Saju Hari at the Royal Opera House
Choreographer Saju Hari presents a new trio with music by Mukul
  The flipflop Project
first development stage of the telematic performance of one character, two bodies: the in-venue performer and the roaming performer
26. - 26.Oct.06 AMSTERDAM: 'ORCHESTRA OF ANXIETY' on show at 'databodies'
the *databodies* project runs the whole day and eve and night on October 26th. it is parallell to the festival *transito*, a collaboration of all Leidse Plein Theatres (Melkweg, Balie, Parsadiso, Belleveue and the City Theatre).
06. - 07.Apr.06 LONDON: Russell Maliphant's Transmission - UK premiere at Sadler's Wells
Russell Maliphant premieres his new company work with music by Mukul.
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