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DEMO TV do-it-yourself neighbourhood TV over broadband internet or WAN, requiring the establishment of a streaming media server and interface development.

THE SPY SCHOOL series of exercises that scrutinises the public-private boundary in post 9/11 daily life in a climate where the ethic of surveillance is in the ascendancy and the development of its technologies in overdrive.

workshop / tools

Voice Over

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7.30 pm
HINGES ON _ responsive media installation and comment space on economic grey zones of the ict sector in around bangalore
by thomas abraham, umang razdan bhattacharrya, priyanka dilip, ishan ghosh, ramyah gowrishankar, pratima kalmadi, nishita kavadia, siddharth muthyala, hidish singh, k.t. thomas and divya viswanathan developed and realized during the tactical media lab led by manu and mukul (ambientTV.NET) at srishti school of art, design and technology
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