music / sound art

  AV DINNERS 01: Epic Eros
live and online audio-visual gastronomic event with artist-cuisinière Vitamin AA and Koko di Mari.
Remix competition in association with Radio FRO 105.0 FM (Linz, Austria). New and established producers (including Equal-I, Chandrasonic from Asian Dub Foundation, and Mukul) reinterpret a traditional Afghani song by Rafi Hanif. Very limited double vinyl LP and downloads available here...
  The Caf√© Event
telematic dance piece by Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company in collaboration with ambientTV.NET for DNAsia at Watermans Gallery, London.
artist-in-residence Aju Jupoh, of the Akha people in Thailand, works on music and film projects during his stay at ambientspace.
  Orchestra of Anxiety
A collection of musical instruments that use materials and technologies from the security and surveillance industries in their construction. -> [watch video documentation ]
Collaborations involving artists and artisans amongst the Akha people in Northern Thailand
music / sound art

Our sound works emerge from dialogues between music and noise, rule-bound forms and chance, and technology and tradition; they find realization as film scores, sound installations, collaborations with contemporary dancers and choreographers, pieces for unusual orchestras, jams over the net, and radio works. Occasionally we have also welcomed musicians-in-residence, including Akha songwriter Aju Jupoh and Austrian electro-whiz Kertal.

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music / sound art

soundtrack by mukul

piano music by rupert huber 



Notes on the completed soundtrack:

When Manu asked me to make the music in surround – she felt that the 'flatness' of the images demanded it – I took her literally. The score is built in 5.1. I don't use the rear speakers just for special/spatial effects – as point sources, they are as important as the front speakers. For example, there is the 'pulse of RealTime', which ticks clockwise around the viewer throughout the film.

05. - 05.Jul.04
5 - 8.30 pm
Square Perspectives
See the Square anew with Producciones Imperdibles dancing on a transparent stage (you're underneath!); the eight piece Ghettoblaster Ensemble with new work by Mukul Patel: ENGLAND EXPECTS; Isabel Rocamora's anti-gravity dance. Plus President Mandela's inaugural speech performed by Thesele, a street music theatre ensemble from Johannesburg.
  kertal at ambientspace
Matthias Kertal of Austrian electronica band mika graced ambientspace during his summer artist-in-residence stay to work on a new release... UPDATE!!! Polman Reisen released!
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