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26. - 26.Jan.11 VIENNA [AT]: Platz da! European Urban Public Space. Podiumsdiskussion
19:00 Public Lecture 3: Public Fiction - Filmische Positionen zum öffentlichen Raum. Debate about the state of public space. Architekturzentrum Wien. Participation: # Manu Luksch, Limitations Permited (2009), Faceless (2007) # Michael Palm, Body Trail # Paul Poet, Empire Me (2010) # Katharina Weingartner, Sneaker Stories, Der Gruen Effekt
10.Nov.09 LONDON: Book Launch Event @ RCA
You are invited to participate in the book launch performance 'Love, Piracy, and the Office of Religious Weblog Expansion', at the Royal College of Art Kensington Gore, London SW7 2EU Lecture Theatre One, 18:00 to 20:00.
  Who Owns The Weather
An investigation into the human desire to control weather events
03.Jul.09 - 05.Sep.09 HAMBURG [D]: MASSAGE @ Galerie Caesar & Koba
The art gallery Caesar & Koba exhibits publication/installation AMBIENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS as part of the group show MASSAGE curated by Wiebke Gronemeyer. The performance and workshop 'Love, Piracy, and the Office of Religious Weblog Expansion' in the presence of the artists will take place during the opening on Fri, 3rd July 09, 19:00 - 22:00.
24.Jun.09 LONDON: debate Civil Liberty & Art
Peckham Space is hosting a debate about regulation and surveillance of public space. participants: Peter Bradwell (DEMOS), members of FLIX, Manu Luksch, Neal White. 5th Floor, Peckham Library, Peckham Square, London SE15; 6-7.30pm, free – booking required on 020 7514 2299/ info[at]
08.Jan.09 MONTREAL [CA]: book launch 'Fonction/Fiction. L'image utilitaire reconfigurée.'
Invitation to the book launch of 'Fonction/Fiction. L'image utilitaire reconfigurée.'Edited by Vincent Bonin & France Choinière. Distributed by Édipresse. Artists whose work is reproduced in the book: Sylvia Grace Borda, Tacita Dean, Rod Dickinson, Michael Klier, Manu Luksch, Chris Marker, Pavel Pavlov, Walid Raad et Akram Zaatari, Ed Ruscha, Kevin Schmidt, David Tomas, Jeff Wall. 5 pm, at : Les éditions Dazibao 4001, rue Berri, espace 202 (coin Duluth) Montréal, QC, H2L 4H2 téléphone : (514) 845.0063
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Ars Electronica 2007 'Good Bye Privacy' Theme Exhibition


How to anonymise  (2003)
original documents provided by a data controller in compliance with the Data Protection Act (1998) UK

The “gold standard” of skillful execution was set by an institution whose approach was almost baroque - they delivered hard copies of each of the several hundred relevant frames from the timelapse camera, with third parties’ heads cut out, apparently with nail scissors.

Two documents had (accidentally?) slipped in between the printouts—one a letter from a junior employee tendering her resignation (was it connected with the beheading job?), and the other an ironic memo: And the good news —I enclose the £10 fee to be passed to the branch sundry income account. (Head of Security, internal communication 09/2003)  

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- ÜberwachungsBilder - vom Ende der Privatheit. sat3. Constanze Griessler, Franziska Mayr-Keber

  Unscheduled TV
by Rachel Baker for VBI
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Publications about works by Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel and collaborators from 1999 - 2006

Ambient Information Systems. ed Luksch/Patel. 2009

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