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A|R|C invites international artists for month-long collaborative residencies at studios {London]. Currently artist-in-residency, Makiko Yamamoto, will give a talk this Sunday, 12th Oct 2014, 5pm...
21. - 21.Feb.17 TOKYO: Austrian Cultural Forum Tokyo
Work presentations and artists' talk Manu LUKSCH (Artist/Filmmaker/Scholar) & Shiho FUKUHARA(Artist/co-founder of bcl & Biopresence/CEO Poiesis Labs) at Cultural Forum of Austrian Embassy Tokyo 1-1-20, Moto-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo. From 19:00
09. - 09.Nov.16 ATHENS: Digital Wednesdays at Onassis Cultural Centre
Platforms or Colonies: The New Normal Digital Wednesdays at the Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens How is art tackling mega-platforms and the sharing economy? Is there room for the Digital and Cultural Commons? Speakers: Paolo Cirio, Manu Luksch, Lucie Strecker, Alex Verhaest.
28.Jan.15 BRUSSELS [BE] World Privacy Day Symposium
World Privacy Day Symposium in the context of the exhibition FACELESS, curated by Bogomir Doringer. Speakers: Josephine Bosma, Manu Luksch, Jeremy Bailey, Adam Harvey, Bogomir DoringerVenue: De Markten, Oude Graanmarkt 5, 1000 Brussels. 18:00 – 22:00
* short-listed for the Royal Society Young People Book Award 2014 * An illustrated book by Mukul Patel for ages 10+ that introduces real mathematics - the kind you don't get taught at school. In it you'll discover the game of life, a better way to board planes, and why some infinities are bigger than others… and also moose, wolves, bikes with triangular wheels, and the longest poem in the world. Includes puzzles and challenges, biographies, and a guide to where to find out more. And a rocking quote from Henri Poincaré: "Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things'."
Please come to meet, talk, and enjoy a drink with New York-based artist and photographer RACHEL SUSSMAN at ambientspace. 
For nearly a decade, Rachel has been developing 'The Oldest Living Things in the World' – a document of continuously living organisms that are at least 2,000 years old, and often far older. Her research has taken her right across the planet from poles to tropics, from the desert expanses of the American southwest into the labs of paleomicrobiologists investigating half-million year old bacterial colonies. Her work involves assiduous research, extreme travel, and a commitment to a nature. A monograph is due out in Spring 2014 from the University of Chicago Press.
  Rachel is currently artist in residence at as part of the A|R|C programme.
A|R|C invites international artists for collaborative residencies to consider the prospect from the studio in the metaphorical sense of possible futures.
Fri 13th September 2013, 5-8pm Regent Studios 76 8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN
  The Occluded Front
LONDON 02 AUG Launch reception: Preliminary Report by Special Works School.
theory / journalism

art on waterways

Below are some art projects that caught my eye because of the way they explore vessels and waterways – including junk vessels, data collection labs and floating culture venues. Click on vessel icons to get to the project websites.

Marie Lorenz
builds boats that she uses to ferry people through New York City waterways. Lorenz "continues the narrative of uncharted exploration, a formative mythology that is currently cast away from contemporary daily experience." Her vessels and voyages allow us to review our surroundings from an uncertain perspective.

22.Mar.11 ROTTERDAM [NL]: Piet Zwart Institute: screening of FACELESS
'Sniff, Scrape, Crawl…' is a series of lectures examining the porous borders of privacy in the digital age. The next lecture and screening will explore optical forms of surveillance in all of its ominous complexities and perversities. The lecture by Steve Rushton will be followed by a screening of 'Faceless' by Manu Luksch and 'Suicide Box' by (BIT) the Bureau of Inverse Technology. Time: doors open at 19:15, lecture begins at 19:30 Location: Mauritsstraat 36, 3012 CJ Rotterdam Entrance free
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