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10.Dec.09 NEW YORK: FACELESS screening @ The City College
2 pm: You are welcome to the screening of the sci-fi feature film produced under the Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers, at The City College of New York, Room 292, Shepard Hall, 138th St at Convent, follwed by Q & A with the filmmaker.
27.Mar.10 POITIERS [FR]: FACELESS @ Raison d'Agir festival
Screening of FACELESS at Raison d'Agir festival in Poitiers.
03.Dec.09 MONTREAL [CA]: FACELESS @ Université de Montreal
Continue your early morning day dreams over a screening of FACELESS at salle C-1070, with croissants, cafe, and French subtitles ;-). Centre International de Criminologie Comparé, Pavillon Lionel-Groulx 3150, rue Jean-Brillant; Tél: 514-343-7065
01.Dec.09 KINGSTON [CA]: FACELESS @ Agnes Etherington Arts Centre
7 pm: screening of FACELESS @ Agnes Etherington Arts Centre, Queen's University
26. - 26.Nov.09 TORONTO [CA]: FACELESS @ Cinecycle
8pm - Screening of FACELESS at Cinecycle, 129 Spadina Ave.
07.Nov.09 BRUSSELS: Post-Flux 2009
The Post-Flux Mix Media Night is showing the Hors Piste Haiku programme, amongst which "Make it Snow! Make it Snow! Make it Snow!" by Manu Luksch...
14.Nov.09 International Screenings "Betting on Shorts"
As part of the Betting on Shorts programme, the short film Mapping CCTV in Whitehall (2008) will be screened simultanously at: Athens, Greece, Mikrokosmos - 9.00pm Barcelona, Spain @ L'alternativa Film Festival, CCCB Hall - 8.00pm Bucharest, Romania, The Ark - 9.00pm London, England, Roxy Bar & Screen - 7.00pm Maribor, Slovenia, KIBLA - 8.00pm Naples, Italy, Evaluna - 8.00pm Novi Sad, Serbia, Radio Café - 8.00pm Poznan, Poland, Kino Rialto - 8.00pm Stockholm, Sweden @ Bio Rio - 8.00pm Thessaloniki, Greece, - 9.00pm Wiesbaden, Germany @ Exground Film Festival, Kulturpalast - 8.00pm
03.Oct.09 NÜRNBERG [D]: Perspektive - International Human Rights Film Festival
Screening of the CCTV fairy tale Faceless at the film festival Perspektive, on Saturday, 3 Oct 18.45 and 7 Oct.
12. - 15.Jun.09 TOKYO [JP]: FACELESS
Hors Pistes, the film festival curated by Les cinémas at Centre Pompidou, is travelling to Japan, where a selection of films, including FACELESS, will be shown at the French Institute.
21. - 28.Jun.09 LONDON: public display of Limitations Permitted
Limitations Permitted is a new project by Manu Luksch and Neal White in collaboration with FLIX, commissioned by Peckham Space. It will be on display on Peckham Square, London SE15, 10am-6pm daily.
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