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06.Oct.10 STYRIA [AT]: launch event of AUF DIE PLÄTZE, FERTIG – FILM! 13 x Projektionen in aller Öffentlichkeit
Institut für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark and DIAGONALE, commissioned four Austrian artist filmmakers - including Manu Luksch - to create new projection pieces for public sites around Styria. Launch date: 06 Oct at Hitzendorf (near Graz), Austria.
An experimental stereoscopic 3D fiction film.
18.Jun.10 LONDON: Party With Purpose & Exstatic Sounds
8 pm - 6 am 3 Rooms of Live Music // DJ's // Bands // Acoustic Performance // Visuals // Chill Out Area

Party to raise funds for the Akha community to improve communication across borders (China, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand), assert the value of being Akha, and promote sustainable development grounded in indigenous knowledge, practices and wisdom.

E-MAIL Emma, PARTY.WI.PURPOSE@GMAIL.COM OR TEXT 07888 691737 FOR ADDRESS; £6 before 10pm // £8 guestlist // £10 door

videoclub & Index on Censorship present BEYOND SURVEILLANCE, curated by Manu Luksch. A screening of art works developed in response to and in counteraction against surveillance technologies, with a panel of speakers discussing the consequences of and alternatives to surveillance in our daily life. What are the consequences of surveillance on our daily lives? Is surveillance provoking a climate of self-censorship? Is a society without a paternalistic infrastructure of control, such as surveillance and censorship, possible? As surveillance technologies become more ubiquitous – from CCTV to data-mining on websites to mobile phones to Google streetcar – does it not become ever more important to consider the implications and to develop creative, radical responses, counteracting and reversing acts of surveillance? Artist and curator Manu Luksch has selected several works which explore differing aspects of re-activism to surveillance technologies; selected artists include: Michelle Teran, David Valentine, Caspar Below, and The Bureau of Inverse Technology. Panel - Caspar Below – artist - Julia Farrington – Head of Arts at Index on Censorship - Manu Luksch – ambientTV.NET / artist - David Valentine – artist Manu Luksch is highly celebrated for her work investigating the use of surveillance technologies in artistic practice: In particular her work Faceless has been internationally recognised and celebrated for its approach in exploring CCTV / surveillance technology in society.
29.Apr.10 GRAZ [AT]: Shared Space – Perspektiven für eine neue Kultur des öffentlichen Raums
19 Uhr: Filmabend in Kooperation mit der DIAGONALE, Festival des österreichischen Films. Faceless, Regie: Manu Luksch, A/UK 2007, 50 min Body Trail, Regie: Michael Palm & Willi Dorner, A 2008, 8 min begleitend zur Ausstellung 'Shared Space': eine neue Strategie zur umfassenden Gestaltung des öffentlichen Raums als Ausdruck, Medium und Bühne des sozialen Lebens. Entstanden aus dem engeren Themenkreis von Verkehrssicherheit und Straßenplanung ist in den vergangenen Jahren ein erfrischend neues Gestaltungsparadigma herangewachsen, das eine radikalisierte Form von Partizipation eröffnet und den öffentlichen Raum konsequent als multifunktionalen Raum erfasst. Dieser Raum wird neu gestaltet und belebt, nicht reguliert und zerteilt. Die Aufenthaltsqualität vor Ort wird in den Mittelpunkt gerückt. Shared Space ist der von allen gemeinsam genutzte Raum, der offene Raum im Herzen der Gesellschaft. Haus der Architektur, Palais Thinnfeld, Mariahilferstraße 2, 8020 Graz
  Function Creep
tactical fiction project. coming soon!
26. - 26.Jan.10 BOMBAY/MUMBAI [IN]: FACELESS screening
Screening of FACELESS and afterparty!
26. - 26.Jan.10 BOMBAY/MUMBAI [IN]: Love, Piracy and the Office of Religious Weblog Expansion
What better way to spend Republic Day than CAMPing out with Ambient Information Systems? Participatory performance/installation/book launch + screening + music.
19. - 19.Jan.10 AHMEDABAD [IN]: FACELESS screening and discussion
Screening of FACELESS and related shorts, followed by a discussion on the policing of urban space and information space. at: School of Architecture, CEPT University
19. - 19.Jan.10 AHMEDABAD [IN]: Love, Piracy and the Office of Religious Weblog Expansion
Participatory performance/installation and book launch at the School of Architecture, Ahmedabad. 15.00 - 18.30
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