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21. - 26.Apr.09 DORTMUND / COLOGNE [D]: International Women's Film Festival
What is the exact price of homeland security, of free love, of the liberty to travel at will? How much freedom is possible in a world in which rights and dreams compete with one another? - spotlighting Freedom, the International Women's Film Festival 2009 will show Manu Luksch's film FACELESS.
Premiered under the title The Order at the Centre Pompidou, Les cinemas, Paris (April 16th, 09), this piece has been re-worked and newly released this October.
27.Mar.09 - 24.Apr.09 LEIPZIG [D]: Are the kids alright? @ essential existence gallery
The essential existence gallery LEIPZIG is hosting the exhibition 'Are the kids alright?'. The exhibition critically addresses current policies of control and the regulation of youth behaviour and aims at creating a space which brings together scholarly and artistic perspectives, documentary commentary and aesthetic interventions. Manu Luksch will participate with the film installation 'FACELESS' and 'Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers'.
02. - 06.Mar.09 POZNAN [PL]: STAND-UP. Art about Human Right @ ZAK Gallery & Centre of Women Personal Development 'Babilad'
The ZAK Gallery will show FACELESS by Manu Luksch as part of the festival STAND-UP. Art about Human Right. STAND-UP is focused on human rights issue by using art as a medium. This project responds to the growing needs for acceptance and respect to diversity, dialog and social reflection. Artists and activists in such unusual "stand-up" express their experiences and subjective opinions in the field of human rights. STAND-UP mobilizes to conscious about rights of every human. This conscious is essential for claiming and respecting for human rights, even by whispering because sum of such whispers can become to be loud cry. STAND-UP is sum of subjective opinions about human rights. Such opinions can give wider picture of present condition of human rights.
27.Mar.09 - 12.Apr.09 PARIS [FR]: HORS PISTES Film Festival @ Centre Pompidou
Make it Snow! Make it Snow! Make it Snow! by Manu Luksch will be shown at the Centre Pompidou: @ HORS PISTES Film Festival in the selection of 'haikus'. It will be screened in video at the -1 level of the center and be presented in the catalogue.
The video programme 'Unreal Asia', curated by Gridthiya Gaweewong & David Teh, will include Manu Luksch's and Mukul Patel's 'Aju J's New Year Feast - In the Year of the Fire Dog'.
09.Feb.09 AARHUS [DK]: Souveillance: the art of inverse surveillance
Conference at Aarhus University, presented by Digital Urban Living & Digital Aesthetics Research Center, curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli and Lars Bo Løfgreen. With the growing spread of pervasive digital technologies the public urban space has become open for new forms of both observation and surveillance … Participants: Konrad Becker (AT), Goodiepal (DK), Jakob Jakobsen (DK), Dmytri Kleiner (CA/DE), Leipziger Kamera (DE), Manu Luksch (UK), David Rokeby (CA), Alexei Shulgin (RU), Space Hijackers (UK), Shining (IT), Mare Tralla (EE/UK)
18.Dec.08 - 29.Jan.09 PRISHTINA [Kosovo]: Surveillance and Discipline in Public Space
The Art Gallery of Kosovo is hosting the exhibition 'Surveillance and Discipline in Public Space'. At this occasion, the 'Cmimi Muslim Mulliqi Prize 2008' was awarded to the artist duo 'Jae Pas'. Manu Luksch participated with the film installtion 'FACELESS' and 'Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers', translated into Albanian language. Artist presentations: 19.12.2008 11:00 am
05. - 12.Dec.08 NOVA GORICA [SL]: Pixxelpoint 2008
The exhibition "Pixxelpoint 2008 - For God's Sake!", put together by Domenico Quaranta, and showing at Mestna Galerija, includes Faceless by Manu Luksch.
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6th Nov 2008: ambient.space & Lucy Thane present: Crisis in the Credit System by Melanie Gilligan; Aju J's New Year Feast – In the Year of the Fire Dog by Manu Luksch & Mukul Patel, and live music by Petit Mal...
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