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24. - 26.Jun.10 COVENTRY [UK]: Interrobang 1: Regeneration. Warwick Arts Centre
A weekend long mash-ups of interaction, conversation, experiment, direct action and work in progress showings. Interrobang 1 will take the theme of regeneration as a starting point. In response to the cultural master-planning currently being implemented in Coventry and the citywide development that occurred after it was heavily bombed during the war.
23. - 24.Jun.10 LONDON: The Hole in Time: German–Jewish Political Philosophy and the Archive
A Workshop Co-Organised by Sas Mays (University of Westminster), and Leena Petersen and Nitzan Leibovic (Sussex), as part of the research project ‘Archiving Cultures’ led by Sas Mays at the Institute for Modern and Contemporary Culture at the University of Westminster.

Left discussions of politics and history owe much to German-Jewish theories of temporality that emerged in response to the political crises of twentieth-century Europe. Such theories problematized both the life of the individual and how the state perceived it. Given the rise of bureaucratisation, surveillance and control defining the modern state, and the concommitant rise in theoretical interest in ‘the archive’, the workshop ‘German-Jewish Political Philosophy and the Archive’ brings together interested parties to engage with German-Jewish conceptions of temporality, history, and crisis in terms of their archival dimensions, and to open discussion of German-French dialogue in critical philosophy in this context.

1.00 – 3.00 Panel 5: The External Archive Chair: Esther Leslie (Birkbeck) Andy Fisher (Goldsmiths): ‘Quiet Life’
Manu Luksch (London): ‘Moonwalking in RealTime’

University of Westminster, Portland Hall, 4–16 Little Titchfield Street, London W1W 7UW

videoclub & Index on Censorship present BEYOND SURVEILLANCE, curated by Manu Luksch. A screening of art works developed in response to and in counteraction against surveillance technologies, with a panel of speakers discussing the consequences of and alternatives to surveillance in our daily life. What are the consequences of surveillance on our daily lives? Is surveillance provoking a climate of self-censorship? Is a society without a paternalistic infrastructure of control, such as surveillance and censorship, possible? As surveillance technologies become more ubiquitous – from CCTV to data-mining on websites to mobile phones to Google streetcar – does it not become ever more important to consider the implications and to develop creative, radical responses, counteracting and reversing acts of surveillance? Artist and curator Manu Luksch has selected several works which explore differing aspects of re-activism to surveillance technologies; selected artists include: Michelle Teran, David Valentine, Caspar Below, and The Bureau of Inverse Technology. Panel - Caspar Below – artist - Julia Farrington – Head of Arts at Index on Censorship - Manu Luksch – ambientTV.NET / artist - David Valentine – artist Manu Luksch is highly celebrated for her work investigating the use of surveillance technologies in artistic practice: http://www.ambienttv.net In particular her work Faceless has been internationally recognised and celebrated for its approach in exploring CCTV / surveillance technology in society.
15.Apr.10 BIRMINGHAM [UK]: Fierce ‘Caravan of Artists’ 2010-11
On 15 April we will be showing the book launch performance & installation LOVE, PIRACY as part of the introductory launch of the Fierce Festival in Birmingham, leading up to a new project culminating in February 2011. AE Harris in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.
  ElectroSmog Festival
The ElectroSmog Festival of Sustainable Immobility takes place telematically on scheduled video chat channels. London-based node, Chelsea College of Art & Design, invites to join for some of the events. Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel and ambient.lounge guests Armin Medosch, Heather Ring, and the Lorax are presenting on Friday, 19 March 19:00 (GTM), at "Public media art projects and sustainability". Free, booking essential. info[at]ambientTV.NET. where: ambient.space
18. - 20.Mar.10 LONDON & international: ElectroSmog Festival
ElectroSmog Festival of sustainable immobility will take place telematically through scheduled video chat channels. London node Chelsea College invites to join at location for some of the scheduled events. Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel and ambient.lounge guests Armin Medosch, Lorax and Oncler, are participating on Friday, 19 March 19:00 (GTM), at "Public media art projects and sustainability".
15.Jan.10 KINGSTON [ON] Surveillance Studies Centre: SCAN
1:30 - 2:30pm: Film Screening of Faceless by Manu Luksch, Art Centre Atrium. Introduced by David Murakami Wood
27.Mar.10 POITIERS [FR]: FACELESS @ Raison d'Agir festival
Screening of FACELESS at Raison d'Agir festival in Poitiers.
27.Nov.09 TORONTO [CA]: talk and book presentation by Manu Luksch
2pm @ Room 119, Northrop Frye Hall, Victoria College
25.Oct.09 VIENNA [AT]: Big Brother Awards at Theater Rabenhof
Big Brother Awards' framing programme includes an interview with Manu Luksch and a screening of Mapping CCTV ...
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