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11. - 17.Feb.06 BANGKOK (TH): Temporary Art Museum Soi Sabai
Manu & Mukul participate in this show, co-curated by Fumiya Sawa, with their piece 'Aju J's New Year Feast. In the Year of The Fire Dog. AV DINNERS part II' Happening in various places and venues around Bangkok. check their website for updates. 10th Feb: Opening party at Silparkorn.
25.Jan.06 - 26.Mar.06 ROTTERDAM (NL): the voluptuously blinking eye (VBI)
a live teletext broadcasting station and public lounge set up at the contemporary art institution Witte de With during The 35th International Film Festival Rotterdam, featuring Lektrolab (Emma Davidson & Paul B. Davis), Rachel Baker, Tina Hage, Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel amongst other artists.
  voluptuously blinking eye (VBI)
The exhibition and laboratory SATELLITE OF LOVE highlights alternatives to what the larger public might consider to be ‘the renewed potential’ of the television medium. This event takes place during the The 35th International Film Festival Rotterdam, which teamed up with Witte de With center for contemporary art, Rotterdam for the exhibition "Satellite of Love" (To 26 March, 2006). VBI, an ambientTV.NET production, will feature the artists Lektrolab (Emma Davidson & Paul B. Davis), Rachel Baker, Tina Hage, Juha Huuskonen, Manu Luksch, and Mukul Patel. To participate in Lektrolab's teletext channel 'Microtel', read on here. Also check out the photo blog
28.Oct.05 - 13.Nov.05 KISSS in Victoria, Australia
KISSS Kinship International Strategy on Surveillance and Suppression: ambient works are being included in this touring exhibition of products, process and residues from the meta performance project KISSS. Responding to political, social and personal issues around surveillance and suppression, KISSS incorporates the individual and collaborative practices of artists, writers and curators.
  Fly Stories
Migration, Movement, Mobility: Road Cinema and Film Workshops in Northern Thailand as part of the Fly With Me project
28. - 29.Oct.05 Party in Kathmandu
Mukul will be playing at PartyNepal's PEACE PROJECT THAMEL festival on Saturday 29th October – a free street party in its 3rd year – and also at the club of the fabulous Yak and Yeti on Friday 28th. He will also be giving a workshop on music production.
  Telejam 04
audio-visual tele-jamming session during the exhibition Castle of Light by Latvian artist Voldemars U.
  streaming video of "Only Connect: Soil, Soul, Society"
Andrew Marr, Anita Roddick, Thomas Moore, Vandana Shiva, David Whyte, Jane Goodall, Ann Pettifor, Geoff Mulgan, Satish Kumar and Jonathan Porritt speak at the Only Connect Conference, London. Find their complete presentations online here...
  streaming video of "International Indian Film Awards"
The International Indian Film Awards 2000 take place in London. As part of the behind-the-scenes film team, Manu speaks to Jackie Chan, Kylie Minogue, Sonali, Yukta - Miss World 1999 and many more....
  streaming video of "Expo Destructo"
interviews with the media & net cultures crowd brought together by Expo Destructo, London. Manu (B_studios) ran the blue-or-red video corner, which was streamed live by Gio, James and Harl (backspace)...enjoy!
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