Third Quarterly Report

25 min, digital video, sound
 two-screen work centering around the 3rd quarter yearly report filmed in Dubai at Cisco's HQ for Smart+Connected Communities


Out in the street the mercury touches 39°C. In the videoconference suite, the Managing Director keeps cool through reports of ‘top wins’ and ‘flat growth’. His global team is charged with designing tomorrow’s urbanism. “The Smart City market is about $12bn, growing 12.4% annually to reach around $27bn by 2023. That’s the size of this opportunity.”

The proliferation of networked sensors and distributed processing –  the ‘Internet of Things’ – makes possible a fully embedded information infrastructure, a ‘city operating system’. ‘Big Data’ from smartphones, buildings, transit networks, and vending machines is mined, traded, and used to predict future patterns. This ‘ambient information’ turns the ‘Smart’ or ‘Cognitive City’ into an agent, a narrative partner in collective life, with its own beliefs, judgments and preferences. Traffic flow and garbage management, crime prevention and epidemic control alike become amenable to algorithmic management. Questions arise - who are these makers of tomorrow's urban fabric?

The film installation observes the 3Q report at Cisco Systems, as it leads the weaving together of data infrastructure and the built environment. Behind the quarterly sales figures and projections lie programs with immense transformative power over the new– programs whose long-term consequences deserve careful consideration. 

video installation by MANU LUKSCH immersive video/vfx developer JACK WOLF  additional camera CHRISTIAN HAAKE  sound MUKUL

produced by DENKBAR and MANU LUKSCH © 2016



Third Quarterly Report is world premiered at 'art meets science' exhibtion HYBRIDS: On the borderline between Art and Technology.  Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens. 8 Nov 2016-15 Jan 2017

 Technology, activism and pop culture proceed hand in hand in this new exhibition staged by the OCC in collaboration with Ars Electronica, the innovative research and new media cultural centre from Linz, Austria.

Can a work of art create new forms of energy? How would you represent your digital persona in this socially networked world of ours?

Hybrids explores the concept of hybridism—the mixing of different media and idioms to create new forms of artistic expression. Artworks, workshops and performances in a new media show which transcends the boundaries separating art from scientific research. Putting the post- in digital art today at the OCC.


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