CD Songs & Sounds from Luang Namtha province, Lao PDR

Luang Namtha province in Northern Lao is, amongst other things, home to the Akha people and Black Dai people. These recordings capture the unique atmosphere at the end of the rainy season - an Akha man on his way to the valley whistles on a leaf while crossing a forest buzzing with the sound of crickets; in a mountain village a class of school children sing their favourite song on the radio; full moon celebrations at the Buddhist temple; roosters announcing the rising sun...

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DVD ambient.locative

This DVD documents three productions from 2003-2004, which are making use of location aware technology. Includes the videos TRYPTICHON, MYRIORAMA and BOW SPACE (which are also accessible online CLICK HERE) and slide shows. Region-free PAL DVD.

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DVD Broadbandit Highway

A true piece of ambient television, this DVD contains the first 40 minutes of a road movie, compiled from traffic surveillance cameras, which is now several years long ...

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This album consists of remixes and reinterpretations of traditional Afghani music performed by Rafi Hanif and his party. These musicians were displaced from Afghanistan and arrived in Austria in August 2001. CD / LP SOLD OUT
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Who Is Watching The Watchmen?

T-SHIRT, limited edition. SOLD OUT

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