generative filmmaking


We are developing a piece about the nexus of the Big Data, Smart City and ‘cognitive’ Internet of Things concepts that are driving urban development. In an attempt to express this subject matter through the film’s material content and form, we use a combination of multiple cameras and other data capture devices during shoots. Rather than simply visualize these data, we use them to modulate the image and edit, functionally and structurally.

In the Smart City, multiple data streams are correlated and mined to extract new meaning and insight. Real-time data is transformed into ambient ‘information’, and the smart environment (the cognitive city or home) into an agent. Such a system becomes a narrative partner in our collective life, with its own beliefs, judgements and preferences.

Analogously, we hunt for available data streams during the film shoot – from room temperature, heart rates and stockmarket tickers to weather conditions, wifi traffic and electricity consumption. The data are recorded, to be used later to transform the footage in the spatial (e.g., geometry and colour space) or temporal domains (e.g., frame rate and order).