LONDON: Rebellious Media Conference
date: 2011-10-09 - 2011-10-10

Just Doing It: Women Documentary Makers and Social / Cultural Change

  The single most welcome development in contemporary film-making, whatever the genre, has been the steady rise of exceptional women film-makers. If the numbers game still reflects a startlingly uneven playing field, what is in no doubt is the striking relevance and formal / aesthetic / thematic innovation that these makers are bringing to their medium and chosen concerns. Here, three leading international practitioners present their work in the context of documentary film's exponential rise, spread and relevance.

  Emily James is a campaigning documentarist, whose acclaimed short films have explored a wide range of key issues. Her recent feature - Just Do It - tracking a benignly embedded year with direction action climate campaigns - was released in July. ;

  Manu Luksch is an artist and digital-social activist. Her CCTV-sourced feature 'Faceless', starring Tilda Swinton, pioneered a found-footage radicalisation of urban space. She has recently created 'function creep', about waterways and utopian alternatives. ; ;  

Andrea Luka Zimmermann was a founding member of media collective Vision Machine. She has just completed 'Prisoner of War', a disturbing feature about the costs of American militarism and is developing 'Estate', a major project on inner-city public housing.

Gareth Evans is a writer, editor and curator.