LONDON: The Hole in Time: German–Jewish Political Philosophy and the Archive
date: 2010-06-23 - 2010-06-24


Howard Caygill (Goldsmiths): ‘Paul Celan’s Visual Archive’ Matthew Charles (Middlesex): ‘The Snow Line of the Archive: Benjamin On the Trail of Old Letters’ David Cunningham (Westminster): ‘Abstract Times: Benjamin, Kafka and the Modernism of Tradition’ Rebecca Dolgoy (Montreal/ FU Berlin): ‘The Work of Art as Archive: Adorno’s Zeitkern as Time Capsule’ Sami Khatib (FU Berlin): ‘The Messianic and the Archive: Walter Benjamin’s ‘Politics of Time’’ Veronika Koever (Queen Mary): ‘Reversing the Irreversible: Jean Améry’s ‘ressentiments’ & the Moralisation of Time’ Nicholas Lambrianou (Birkbeck): ‘Figures of Interruption: Philosophical Dramas of Temporality & History in Benjamin and Rosenzweig’ Nitzan Lebovic (Tel Aviv / Sussex): ‘Paul Celan: Language of Loss at the Heart of Time’ Manu Luksch (London): ‘Moonwalking in Real Time’ Andrew McGettigan (Central Saint Martins) ‘Archive & Idea: Walter Benjamin’s Experiences of Time’ Reut Paz (Humboldt University Berlin): ‘The Legal Transcendentalism of Hans Kelsen as a Hole in Time’ Leena Petersen (Sussex): ‘Messianic Libertarianism and Linguistic Philosophies of History in Benjamin and Related Writings of His Time’ Wesley Phillips (Independent): ‘On the Concept of Counter-Tradition’ Shela Sheikh (Goldsmiths): ‘The Wounded Archive: Derrida Reading Celan’ Dan Smith (Chelsea School of Art and Design): ‘Overlooking Bloch: Contemporary Art and Utopia’ Tommaso Speccher (FU Berlin): ‘The Hole in Space: Fragmenting and Re-piecing the Archive between Walter Benjamin and Daniel Libeskind’ Elina Staikou (Goldsmiths): ‘Vigil of the Archive: On Derrida Dreaming Benjamin’ Chairs: Christian Wiese (Sussex) / Esther Leslie (Birkbeck) / Leena Petersen (Sussex) / Keston Sutherland (Sussex) / Nitzan Lebovic (Tel Aviv/Sussex) / John Roberts (Wolverhampton).