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Subject Access Rights for CCTV recordings
Many people and organisations (data controllers) have details about us (data subjects) on computer or in paper files. This information can be used by companies or organisations to make decisions about you. The Data Protection Act allows you to find out what information about you is held on computer and in some paper records.
CCTV is covered by the DPA 98 because part of its operation is to process images (personal data) of individuals observed by CCTV cameras.
To find out if CCTV recordings are held on you, you will need to write to the person or organisation you believe holds the information. You will find their contact details on the signage, which is required to mark the zone which is covered by CCTV. It is best to send your request by recorded delivery.

-> Read the Manifesto to find out what to consider in order to qualify for a copy of 'your' CCTV footage.

-> The link list will direct you to further information. Please note that the DPA 98 has been subject to reinterpretation due to precedence cases, prominently Peck v The United Kingdom and Durant v Financial Services Authority.

-> download template for a letter to request CCTV footage (PDF)