theory / journalism


Publications about works by Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel and collaborators from 1999 - 2006

Ambient Information Systems. ed Luksch/Patel. 2009

Bibliography: writings about FACELESS (2007)

Conference Papers

Chasing the data shadow.  A research report on the Data Protection Act 1998 and CCTV images. Ars Electronica 2007

Wearable Computing: A research report on trials of the XYBERNAUT MATC wearable computer, together with a summary of our work in live streaming as dramaturgy, movement (Capoeira), and production. co-authored with Mukul Patel, Michael Uwemedimo. download pdf.

Broadband Talks: New artistic possibilities arising from high bandwidth Internet connections and digital TV with interactive, net- like features. co-authored with Armin Medosch. 2001. [summary]

Digital Divide: Virtual Borders. [in: net.congestion reader, Amsterdam. 2000.  Ambient Information Systems, London 2009]

Art Servers Unlimited: a range of initiatives to support the blend of creative / experimental / noncommercial / sociocultural / artistic / critical use of the net which included providing internet access, bursaries and spaces for working, meeting or presentation. [introduction][conference transkription][introduction for ASU2, Zagreb]


Contributing author for following book publications // english:

The Alternative Media Handbook. ed Kate Coyer, Tony Dowmunt, Alan Fountain. Routledge 2008.

Chasing the data shadow. Good-bye privacy Reader (2007), Variant Magazine (2008), Kulturrisse (2008)

THE FILMMAKER AS SYMBIONT: opportunistic infections of the surveillance apparatus. Node-L, 2006.

Cumulus. European Design Reader. [Wearable Computing and DIY Wireless Networks.] Tallinn. 2003.

The Guinness Book of The New. Guinness Publishing. London 1999.

New Media Culture in Europe. [Art Servers Unlimited.] Amsterdam 1999.

Digital Cinema. [Das Medium ist die Botschaft' / Interview mit Peter Greenaway]. Heise Verlag. München 1998.

Radio Programmes [Matrix, ÷1, ORF] // deutsch+english

Go Glocal!: Funknetzwerke in London. 2001. [realaudio, 40min, english language]

Acoustic Space Lab: Art and radioastronomy. 2001.[realaudio, 27min, deutschsprachig][transkript][project]

ZeroGravity. 2002. [realaudio, soon online ...]

Medien in Palestina und Israel. 2002. [interview exerpts, in english language]


Articles [in: Telepolis Magazin] // deutsch+english

Bollywood meets Hollywood / tp 06/2000

SuperWeed als symbolische Waffe / tp 01/99

Die unvermeidliche Zukunft. Digitales terrestrisches Fernsehen in UK, wie es funktioniert, wer die wichtigsten Player sind. / tp 11/98

5. Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival Sheffield: Finde, wonach du nicht gesucht hast. / tp 11/98

42. Londoner Film Festival eröffnet: Eröffnungsfilm "Little Voice" mit alten und neuen Stars / tp 11/98

Das Leben als Soap Opera: Die Truman Show. / tp 10/98

Koan - Self Generative Music Software. Interview with Tim Cole. / Telepolis 8/98
Koan - Software für selbstgenerative Musik / Telepolis 8/98

Greyworld - Audio-Refreshments for Grey Zones of Transit / Telepolis 8/98
Greyworld - Audioerfrischungen in grauen Transitzonen

Laos und die Angst vor dem Cyberspace / Telepolis 3/98

Lawn Dogs: Die magischen 5 Sekunden Special Effect / Telepolis Journal 12/97

GUMMO / Telepolis Journal 12/97

'Das Medium ist die Botschaft' / Interview mit Peter Greenaway / Telepolis Journal 2/97
'The Media Is The Notion' / Interview with Peter Greenaway / Telepolis Journal 2/97

'Der neue lesbische Chic?' / Lesbian& Gay Film Festival London 97 / Telepolis Journal 3/97

'Das Weltall am Computerscreen' / CD ROM Rezensionen / Telepolis Journal 4/97