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12. - 12.Dec.07 BRUSSELS [BE]: Quotidien sous contrôle
As part of the connference "Quotidien sous contrôle" initiated by La Ligue des droits de l’Homme asbl, Manu Luksch participates in a debate about the sociopolitical impact of security technology, following the screening of CCTV fairy tale FACELESS.
24.Nov.07 BRUSSELS [BE]: presentation and screening of FACELESS
As part of the 10th JONCTION Festival, Manu Luksch gives a talk about the making of FACELESS followed by a screening. The festival focuses on etraces: "Tracks in electr(on)ic fields, gestures transformed into data, codes that set bodies in motion, prescriptions that ask to be interpreted. Pretended or real identities spread like viruses as they are carried across networks by (un)controlable, commercialised and personalised information services, inhabiting borders and embodying rumours." Venue: Bellone, rue de Flandres.
09. - 11.Nov.07 LIVERPOOL [UK]: The Spectral Children
As part of a programme of video art that responds to the theme of surveillance, The Spectral Children [The FACELESS Project] is screened during the BBC Radio 3 Festival of Free Thinking in Liverpool.
31. - 31.Oct.07 INNSBRUCK [AT]: FACELESS
FACELESS @ R4, Galerie im Taxispalais
30.Oct.07 - 01.Dec.07 GRAZ [AT]: Hinter den Zeichen @ Medienkunst Labor / KunstHaus
FACELESS by Manu Luksch: Workshop: Development of an Austrian adaptation of the Manifesto for CCTV-Filmmakers , Screening: Film clips and Making-of docu
20. - 21.Oct.07 CAMBRIDGE: Art and Law
Manu&Mukul @ Seminar 'Art and Law: Interdisciplinary Arts', chaired by Professor Simon Goldhill, Kings College Research Centre in Cambridge UK
17. - 23.Sep.07 LONDON: The Lomography World Congress
The Lomographic community will celebrate its 10th anniversary and hold a week of events in London, amongst which the construction of the biggest ever LomoWall on Trafalgar Square. Manu and Mukul will participate and lead a couple of the workshops...
06.Sep.07 LINZ [AT]: Identity 2.0 – Die Wiedergewinnung der Souveränität @ Ars Electronica
The theme of this year's Ars Electronica Festival is 'Goodbye Privacy'. Manu Luksch, maker of CCTV sci-fi film FACELESS, participates in the symposium (6 September 14:00 - 17:00) the UNESCO lounge (8 September 15:30-17:30), Montagsgespräch (3 September 19:30) and the the exhibition 'Second City' (opening 5 September 19:00).
11.Aug.07 LONDON: Shobana Jeyasingh at the British Museum
Site-specific quartet with music by Mukul » read more
09. - 12.Aug.07 LONDON: Nagarantharan by Attakkalari in Trafalgar Square
Attakkalari, India's leading centre for contemporary movement, presents new work at the Trafalgar Square festival, with a quadrophonic soundtrack by Mukul. » read more
12. - 14.Jul.07 LONDON Saju Hari at the Royal Opera House
Choreographer Saju Hari presents a new trio with music by Mukul » read more
07. - 08.Jul.07 CAMBRIDGE: Art and Law
Seminar 'Art and Law: Visual Arts', chaired by Professor Simon Goldhill, Kings College Research Centre in Cambridge
11. - 11.Jun.07 WIEN: Short film programme @ New Directors' Lounge, Schikaneder Kino
Screening of short films by Manu Luksch, followed by 'heteronom 1' by Sabine Sonnenschein. where: Schikaneder Kino, Margaretenstraße 24, 1040 Wien.
01. - 02.Jun.07 WIEN: Orchestra of Anxiety @ Soho in Ottakring
where: Frieda Halle A, Friedmanngasse 36, 1160 Wien. when: friday, 1st of June 15:00 - 21:00 saturday, 2nd of June 14:00 - 18:00
25. - 27.Apr.07 CAMBRIDGE: FACELESS @ ENTER_Unknown Territories
Art and new technology practice challenges the borders between creative disciplines, contemporary culture and commerce, questioning the relationship between producer and consumer. As these boundaries are dissolved and reformed, new kinds of spaces are emerging in which creativity and experience can exist. ENTER_Unknown Territories provides an opportunity to explore these new spaces and investigate their potential for collaboration between artists, businesses and academics. Manu Luksch will participate at the panel 'Control Technology'. Her film FACELESS will be screened at the Arts Picturehouse Sunday 12:00
10. - 29.Apr.07 ROTTERDAM, DEAF 07: faceless - the spectral children
The screening programme at Dutch Electronic Art Festival DEAF 07 includes CCTV-thriller 'faceless - the spectral children'.
02. - 02.Apr.07 TURKU: screening of 'FACELESS' - the movie
Arts Academy Turku, Finland. 'faceless', the CCTV sci-fi movie by Manu Luksch, will be introduced by the filmmaker and screened at the lecture theatre.
31.Mar.07 - 13.May.07 TURKU: 'faceless - the spectral children' @ Digitally Yours
'faceless - the spectral children' by Manu Luksch will be shown at the exhibition 'Digitally Yours' is hosted by the Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum, Turku, Finland. It includes works by Laura Beloff & Erich Bergen, Phil Coy, Christian Nold, Locus+ & Chris Burden, Juha Huuskonen, Anita Fontaine, Pia Tikka, Markus Renvall, Ken Rinaldo, Soda, Asa Stahl & Kristina Lindstrom, and Animaatiokone Industries
30.Mar.07 HELSINKI: pixelACHE 2007 shows FACELESS
FACELESS @ Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki [FI]; 18:00, free entrance
19. - 25.Mar.07 GRAZ: premiere of 'faceless' -the movie @ Diagonale2007
'faceless' the CCTV sci-fi film by Manu Luksch has its premiere at DIAGONALE 2007, Graz, Austria. Experimental 7: 20.03.07 at 19.45, 23.03.07 at 16.45 tog with documentary "every step you take" 21.03.07 at 12.00, 23.03.07 at 22.45
15.Oct.06 - 15.Jan.07 LILLE: IST @ Lille3000
Series of idiosyncratic public clocks by mukul for the Lille 3000 festival » read more
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