A|R|C invites UK-based and international artists for research and collaborative residencies at ambient.space studios, East London.

 This programme follows the 2008 ambient.vista residencies , in which four international artists reframed the city by addressing the views over it afforded by the hosting studio. For A|R|C, invited artists are asked to consider, in collaboration with hosts Manu Luksch and Mukul Patel, the prospect from the studio in the metaphorical sense of possible futures: specifically, those arising from transformations of public space (both 'real' and online) and conceptions of citizenship. This work will feed into Luksch & Patel's long-term artistic research project, FUNCTION CREEP, which examines and proposes experiments in sustainable living – where ‘sustainable’ is to be understood not merely in material terms, but also in terms of the continued cultivation of privacy and dignity alongside the explosion of information technologies.

To date, A|R|C has hosted Naoya Hatakeyama (JP), Peter Grech (UK), and Rachel Sussman (US). The work with Makiko Yamamoto will lay the foundations for an extended project in 2015.


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A|R|C supported by: 

Arts Council England
The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation
Simon Bishop Foundation



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