* about the artist

Developing his artistic practice out of work within the renewables and energy efficiency sectors, Grech considers perceptions of scale, risk and community, isolating fundamental issues in our relationships to others, to information and our environment. While ecological changes happen over decades (if not centuries or millennia), financial trades split nanoseconds, and political horizons are limited to five years – so how should the citizen calibrate their understanding?

Grech trained in engineering, and in 1984 set up as a furniture designer & maker, producing one-off pieces sold through Liberty’s, through various galleries in London and Brussels and to international clients.
In 1993 gained a Masters degree at Imperial College which looked at the relationship between business and the environment. It was then that he started to deepen his insight into complex systems, both physical and relational, which arise when considering ‘the environment’, and the breadth of consideration they imply.



Peter Grech 2012 photo: Manu Luksch